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Groupe Beneteau uses the PTC Windchill PLM platform for initiatives of digital transformation

Customers: Groupe Beneteau

Mechanical engineering and instrument making

Product: PTC Windchill PDMLink
На базе: Windchill

Project date: 2019/02  - 2019/07


On July 6, 2019 the company PTC announced that Groupe Beneteau it uses PTC Windchill Product Lifecycle Management the platform (PLM) for creation of digital thread for development of the individual sailing yachts, motor boats and holiday houses.

According to the company, the French producer of boats unrolled recently an initiative of digital conversion which covers both its production processes, and management of commercial business. Development of interaction between departments of researches, developments and production helps to increase quality of work and product differentiation.

To implement this strategy of transformation on the production sites, Groupe Beneteau began with the PTC PLM platform for development of a digital stream for all product lifecycle - from design before product development and production. Digital thread provides the integrated idea of a product and provides the necessary information on a product, including options and options, to all concerned parties. It allows to increase performance, to accelerate an output to the market of the configured boats, to improve product quality and to reduce costs at reduction of requirements to waste and completion. With Windchill Groupe Beneteau can make more reasoned decisions throughout all product development process and improve communication and cooperation.

PLM who creates the basis necessary for strategy implementation of Industrie 4.0 will manage our digital stream. Thanks to completely digital process we will have a speed and flexibility for providing our products with a large number of functions at more competitive price. Thanks to parallel worker threads and the consecutive digital stream of information passing through lifecycles of our product we will be able to personalize our products, having reduced at the same time time of production and quantity of errors. Besides, we will be able to reduce our stock of components of a product thanks to the accuracy entered into production process.

told Bertrán Dyutilyoul, the global Chief information officer of Groupe Beneteau

Using PTC Windchill PLM, Groupe Beneteau created the digital core allowing them to project and create the personalized products. Existence of a digital stream also allows Groupe Beneteau to lift it to the following level and to create the intellectual, connected factory which will include augmented reality (AR) for workers at the plant. We are glad to see how they continue to use the appearing technologies and benefit by an opportunity to use smart, connected products and AR for sales departments and marketing, the dealer centers and clients.

told Kevin Renn, the CEO of division of PLM, PTC