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In MFC of Perm Krai Promobot is implemented

Customers: MFC of Perm Krai

Perm; Government and social institutions

Contractors: Promobot
Product: Promobot

Project date: 2018/09  - 2019/01

On February 4, 2019 it became known that in Perm multifunction center the test period of the unusual employee came to the end — since September, 2018 joined staff of department robot Promobot the resident company of fund' SkolkovoPromobot. It helps the main personnel: communicates with visitors and holds consultations, helps to collect a necessary document package and to fill in the application form of the applicant.

One of conditions of implementation was passing by the robot of a probation period. In January, 2019 the leaders of the center came to a conclusion that the robot meets all expectations, and his work in the center will have permanent character now.

Promobot in MFC of the Persky region

During a probation period more than 1500 people used services of the robot. Most often applicants addressed the robot to learn about readiness of documents, to check the status of the coupon in an electronic queue, to consult according to the list of the documents necessary for receiving this or that service.

The artificial intelligence was trained to state services. For February, 2019 it can already be considered the full employee of department of MFC. The robot on an equal basis with the others accepts visitors, helps to orient with services and understands even the most nonlinear requests. Besides, he can independently fill out documents of the applicant and give a priority in service.
Victoria Boyarshinova, head of the Perm multifunction center "Industrialny-2"

The robot is capable to function continuously for eight hours. When he finishes a charge, it independently goes to a power source. At the same time its training, but already on the job continues. Options of increase in functional duties of the robot, for example, implementation of the payment terminal are considered.

Experience of implementation of the robotic consultant is got by more and more multifunction centers for the whole country. For February, 2019, in addition to Perm, iron assistants work in MFC of Salekhard and MFC of Yakutia. We hope that the Perm experience will become an example for other regional departments, and robots consultants will be able to improve service quality across all Russia.
Oleg Kivokurtsev, development director of Promobot company

Also representatives of the company told that robots for MFC are equipped with neural network, with it the robot studies consultation on services of the multifunction center and better understands interlocutors. In addition to this option, the robot - "employee of MFC" is able to distinguish some human emotions according to which[1] selects the most optimal wording of the answer[2].


  1. [ the Robot employee of MFC successfully
  2. there passed the probation period]