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"The meat Gourmet" automated transport logistics with the Antor LogisticsMaster program

Customers: Meat Gourmet

Kostroma; Food industry

Contractors: Antor
Product: ANTOR LogisticsMaster

Project date: 2019/12  - 2020/06

2020: ANTOR LogisticsMaster implementation

"The meat Gourmet" automated transport logistics with the ANTOR LogisticsMaster program. On July 30 the Antor company reported about it.

Meat Gourmet

The range of the producer is provided for July, 2020 to 4,000 outlets from which more than 100 – brand stores. Monthly the company ships more than 750 tons of finished goods.

In 2019 the Meat Gourmet company addressed specialists of ANTOR concerning automation of transport logistics for the purpose of leaving from "a human factor" in the organizations of process of delivery.

Project Goals and Objectives:

  • pass from manual planning to automatic creation of delivery routes;
  • consider a possibility of cross docking of loads;
  • provide the maximum loading of own transport of the company;
  • minimize the number of leased transport in routes;
  • customize the transparent system of analytics of results of work.

For achievement of the specified purposes the ANTOR LogisticsMaster program was offered the Customer. Implementation took place according to the approved scheduled plan. On survey results, the quality of ANTOR which is carried out by Service, within 1 quarter 2020 the program is completely put into operation and is actively used in Meat Gourmet company for delivery planning, forming a uniform complex of automation of transport logistics together with ERP systems and WMS. When routing the zone principle is implemented, scenarios and necessary reports are configured.