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Yaroslavsky "The concert and spectacular center" created organizational and administrative document flow

Customers: Yaroslavl Concert and spectacular center

Yaroslavl; Show business, leisure, sport

Contractors: Atlas Soft
Product: Etla (e-document flow)
На базе: Etla platform

Project date: 2019/08  - 2020/02

2020: Completion of formation of organizational and administrative document flow

On March 25, 2020 reported to Atlas Soft that the main cultural and entertaining platform of the city of Yaroslavl - the Yaroslavl Concert and spectacular center created organizational and administrative document flow.

The center opened the first season in September, 2013. A huge number of the most different actions was during this time carried out, and for March, 2020 the Center was visited by more than 500,000 viewers.

Due to the permanent development of the center also the volume of processing of a different document type grows, beginning from agreements with partners and finishing with primary documentation. In 2018 the decision on automation of organizational and administrative document flow for the purpose of creation of transparent structure of document storage, prevention of their loss was made and also:

  • full control of an operation cycle of documents in an electronic document management system from the moment of obtaining the document or its creation and before completion of execution;
  • reliable storage of documentation in storage of documents with distribution of access rights of users to different segments of storage;
  • quick search of documents on attributes and contents;
  • minimization of number of errors during the work with a large number of documents in an electronic document management system.

During system implementation of electronic document management it was succeeded to automate work with different document types:

  • administrative documents:
    • orders, orders, instructions, solutions.

  • organizational documents:

    • charters, regulations on the structural divisions or officials performing management of the organization, the staff list, job descriptions, employment policies and procedures;

  • directory documents:

    • protocols, office and reports, acts, references;

The following business processes were configured:

  • Processing of the entering and outgoing documents:
    Registration in the system of the incoming document with further sending it on route approvals and statements, and if necessary formation and approval of the response outgoing document.
  • Process of control of performing discipline:
    Reminder to participants about need to perform these or those operations in an electronic document management system, the notification on task performance delay, condition monitoring of processing of documents;

Transition to electronic document management allowed the center to reduce the term of approval of the document till several o'clock, and at urgent approvals to reduce this process up to several minutes. Also considerably the performing discipline of employees due to introduction of control of execution and lack of loss of documents increased.