Server platforms
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The server is called the computer selected from group of personal computers (or workstations) for accomplishment of any service task without direct participation of the person. The server and the workstation can have an identical hardware configuration as differ only on participation in the work of the person behind the console. Some service tasks can be carried out at the workstation in parallel with work of the user. Such workstation is conditionally called not dedicated server.

In the usual sense the server is a device which executes commands of other computers. Simple example: if the printer to connect such computer to the computer to which from other device it is possible to send tasks for printing then it is possible to call a print server. In other words, the server - the computer which resides in the included status and is always connected to network – either a local network of firm, or the Internet.

The console (it is normal — a monitor/keyboard/mouse) and participation of the person are necessary for servers only at a stage of primary setup, at hardware maintenance and management in emergency situations (regularly, the majority of servers are controlled far off). For emergency situations servers are usually provided with one console set on a server group (with the switch, for example the KVM switch, or without like that). As a result of specialization, the console in the simplified type can receive server solution (for example, the communication port), or to lose it at all (in this case primary setup and emergency management can be executed only through network, and network settings can be reset in a status by default).

Requirements to working capacity and reliability of computers which will be used as servers are rather high: many times it is more computing power, RAM, place on the hard drive, than at the normal home computer. It is necessary in order that the computer could cope with numerous requests which number can reach tens of thousands and more. Special requirements are also imposed to a program part. The operating system for home computers is ground under needs of ordinary users therefore it is not capable to cope with tasks of the server for which the special server operating system and the additional software depending on requirement of the company, for example the bank software or the processor of video files is necessary. At the same time it is necessary to remember such important issue as security. All correspondence, documents and files in the company should be reliably protected both from cracking, and from accidental situations when only timely backup is able to save data and, thus, to save work of the whole department or all firm.

Among key features of the corporate server:

  • providing file storage with different levels of the general access for employees,
  • backup system,
  • creation and storage of databases,
  • Internet server,
  • FTP server,
  • fayervoll,
  • work of special applications, etc.

In addition, e-mail became an integral part of corporate work. For the organization of own system where several people should read the coming mail, and archives of correspondence should be stored completely and to be available to a number of persons, the internal mail service set on servers of the company is necessary.