Magnet My price (discounter stores)

Developers: Thunder Store Chain Magnet
Date of the premiere of the system: July 2020
Last Release Date: 2022/05/12
Branches: Trade


2022: Start delivery by order through SberMarket

Magnit and SberMarket announced the start of delivery of goods from My Price discounters in 32 cities of Russia. This was announced by Magnit on May 12, 2022. Previously, customers could only purchase products in physical stores of this format. 48 outlets in Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Chelyabinsk, Voronezh, Samara, Orel and others are connected to the delivery.

Users can make an order on the site or through the SberMarket mobile application, the delivery time is 20-60 minutes. The online range and cost of goods are identical to offline stores "My Price." More than 2,000 items are available to customers: own brands, "first price" products, products in economical packaging and others (food, products for children, cosmetics, hygiene products, household chemicals, home products, etc.).

{{quote 'author = said Evgeny Nikolaev, director of digital marketing of the Magnit retail chain. | Our goal is to close various buying missions with digital services. We see a steady request from customers to purchase goods in stores with a basic assortment at an affordable price. Discounters are the most dynamically developing offline segment, we are sure that it will be widely in demand online. Consumers can now order shipping from "My Price" and save significant time,}}

Шаблон:Quote 'author = noted Sergey Katasonov, Director of Business Development at SberMarket.

As of May 12, 2022, Magnit is implementing a number of online delivery projects - its own and partner (express delivery, regular delivery, online pharmacy, cosmetics). The total online turnover of goods (GMV) with VAT in the 1 quarter of 2022 year amounted to 9.2 billion rubles. compared to 0.9 billion rubles. in the 1 quarter of 2021. The services of e-commerce Magnit cover more than 7,303 offline stores and 21 darkstore in 66 regions and 410 settlements. At the same time, 71% of current revenue is generated outside Moscow and St. Petersburg. The average number of orders per day reached 91,297, and at the end of March the number of daily orders exceeded 100 thousand. The average check for all online services amounted to about 1,116 rubles. including VAT, which is about 2.7 times higher than in stores at home. The average check in Magnit's own delivery service amounted to 1,270 rubles.

2020: Launch of discount stores from Magnit

On July 21, 2020, it became known that Magnit launched discount stores under the My Price brand. The first such sales points with an area of ​ ​ up to 300 square meters. m and with an assortment of about 2 thousand product items are located in sleeping areas in Samara, Kamyshin (Volgograd region) and the village of Staraya Kulatka (Ulyanovsk region). These are former stores in the "at home" format.

As the president of the retailer Jan Dunning told RBC, most of the goods will be placed directly in boxes. My Price stores will require less investment in repairs and equipment.

We'll probably open three or four more stores and try to figure out whether it works or not. The first impression is yes, there is a demand for this in the market, but we need to analyze whether we can still reduce the prices of our own products and our own trademarks, and whether the Russian buyer will be ready to purchase them, "Dunning said.

"Magnet" launched a new chain of stores

According to him, the new format is close to the nature of Magnit's business, especially if you take into account the presence of the company's own production of products.

By July 21, 2020, Magnit has 11 food and four agro-industrial enterprises. In the assortment of stores, about 65% falls on products of the "first price" and more than 18% on their own trademark.

It is noted that in the network "My Price" it will be possible to purchase vegetables, fruits, groceries, dairy products, confectionery, baby food, drinks, pet food, household chemistry, etc.

Magnit's main competitor - ( X5 Retail Group networks "," Five"," "Intersection Carousel") - also announced plans to develop a similar network of discounters with an emphasis on their trademarks. It is assumed that the first points will open in November of this year, and the final decision on the format will be made in December 2021.[1]