Turkish Aerospace Industries: Anka Drones

Developers: Turkish Aerospace Industries
Date of the premiere of the system: Start of development: 2004
Last Release Date: 2022/05
Technology: Robotics


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Anka is a series of drone drones (UAVs) developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries ( Türk Havacılık ve Uzay Sanayii, TUSAŞ) for the Turkish Armed Forces.

2022: Anka combat drone production treaty in Kazakhstan

On May 11, 2022, it became known that the Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) and the Kazakh state-owned enterprise Kazakhstan Engineering signed an agreement on the production of Anka drums in Kazakhstan.

В Kazakhstan production of Turkish combat drones capable of flying at an altitude of 9 km begins.

The agreement was concluded immediately after the meeting on May 10, 2022 of President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokaev with Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the signing of a memorandum on strategic partnership between the countries.

This is far from the first example of military-technological cooperation between states. So, at the end of November 2021, the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan signed a contract with TUSAŞ for the purchase of 3 UAVs and 2 Anka control stations.[1]

As noted, the Turkish leadership is actively promoting products of national production in the market of countries. CIS The situation on To Ukraine was used for a powerful PR campaign MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX Turkey and contributed to the active promotion of a relatively cheap shock force on the markets of traditional Russian influence.

In addition to Kazakhstan, the Turkish Bayraktar UAVs are in service with Kyrgyzstan[2] and Turkmenistan[3]on April 27, 2022, information appeared about sending the first batch of Bayraktar to Tajikistan[4].

On May 5, 2022, the US Embassy in Nur-Sultan announced the transfer of an undisclosed number of RQ-11 Raven UAVs to the needs of the border service of Kazakhstan.[5]

2021: Update of Anka UAV technical characteristics

In May 2021, Turkish Aerospace Industries updated the technical characteristics of the Anka UAV. With a new update, carrying capacity and endurance were increased to 350 + kilograms and 30 hours, respectively[6]

2019: Contract for the supply of 22 more Anka drones

In 2019, the Turkish Air Force signed a contract for the supply of another 22 Anka drones of various modifications. In particular, 16 Anka-S and 6 Anka-B UAVs will be transferred to the security forces.[7]

2015: Anka Blok-B Tests

On January 30, 2015, the Turkish Defense Industry Secretariat announced that the high-performance next-generation unmanned aerial vehicle Anka Blok-B completed testing of various autopilot and landing modes in the first flight with automatic take-off and landing.[8]

2013: Production contract for 10 Anka-S

In 2013, a contract for the production of 10 Anka-S UAVs was signed in October 2013. In the same year, work on the Anka-S project was successfully completed.[9]

2010: First flight Anka-S

The Anka-S drone made its first flight on December 30, 2010.

2004: Start of development

The development of Anka impact UAVs has been carried out by Turkish Aerospace Industries engineers since 2004.