Naumen chatbot launched in the contact center of the Treasury of Russia

Customers: Federal Treasury of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

Moscow; State and social structures

Product: Naumen Erudite

Project date: 2021/10  - 2022/04

2022: Start Intelligent Assistant

On May 12, 2022, Naumen announced that, together with the IT branch of PKU "Center for Ensuring the Activities of the Treasury of Russia," they launched an intelligent assistant on the Naumen Erudite platform in a private chat room on the State Automated System portal. Chatbot provides 24-hour portal advice and authorization issues, and helps you complete technical support requests. As of May 2022, a bot assistant using artificial intelligence technologies successfully copes with 60% of chat calls.

Bot helps participants in the budget process and processes for the implementation of national projects in dialogue mode receive technical support, learn solutions for applications and send them for revision through integration with the ITSM-system of the Federal Treasury, built on the Naumen Service Desk platform. If you change the status of the application, the bot proactively informs users in the chat room. In addition, the chatbot answers frequently asked questions of users, for example, about extending the EDS, filling out and submitting reports, the capabilities of the " state automated system and the peculiarities of working with the portal.

The introduction of chat bots will relieve the load from the operators of the contact center, increase the speed of consultations, since the bot can process hundreds of calls at a time. All this will help bring the quality of service to a new level, "said Veronika Kalmykova, deputy head of the IT branch of PKU" Center for Ensuring the Activities of the Treasury of Russia "(PKU" Central Research Center ")

The level of automation will grow due to the additional training of the chatbot and the expansion of its skills. Additionally, bots are trained by specialists of the Contact Center of the Federal Treasury: they work with the history of chat bot dialogues, selecting data and starting the pre-training process.

To maintain and increase the effectiveness of the intellectual assistant, it is important to regularly train him on real "combat" data from worked-out dialogues. The lack of intuitive and simple tools for this increases the cost of supporting and developing the project. The Naumen Erudite platform allows you to manage bots using no-code interfaces. This is convenient for customers who have all the tools in their hands to monitor and correct the operation of the bot. In addition, this reduces the threshold for entering robotization projects, "said Sergey Popov, director of the department of contact centers and robotic systems NAUMEN.