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Bank guarantees within state procurements

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2018: The Russian banks issued more than 700 thousand guarantees for total amount of 1.15 trillion rubles

On February 25, 2019 the Sovcombank reported that in 2018 the Russian banks issued more than 700 thousand guarantees on 44-FZ ("About a contract system in the field of state procurements") for the total amount of 1.15 trillion rubles. In comparison with 2017 this amount increased by 8.5%.

The average amount of a guarantee was 1.6 million rubles. In 2017 this indicator was at the level of 1.7 million rubles.

The quantity of the guarantees issued by the Russian banks in 2018 exceeded 700 thousand pieces. It is 13.8% more, than the previous year, in 2017. The Sovcombank for 2018 bank issued 147.2 thousand guarantees.

Regions. Most of all guarantees were obtained by the participating companies of state procurements in Moscow (89.3 thousand pieces), the Moscow region (51 thousand pieces), St. Petersburg (50.3 thousand pieces), the Voronezh region (36 thousand pieces) and Krasnodar Krai (23.3 thousand pieces).

The market of bank guarantees in 2018 showed more modest growth rates, than the previous year. For 2018 this indicator grew by 8.5% against 28% for 2017. In 2017 there were several reasons for such growth. On the one hand, many banks then saw prospects of this market and began to issue guarantees actively. With another – the interest of customers in guarantees as to the instrument of providing obligations considerably grew. The list of the procedures and contracts requiring providing increased. At the same time for participants of purchases it became more convenient to obtain a guarantee, than to deposit the funds as providing.

And in 2018 the market was saturated and became more mature. The mentioned factors continued to have an impact, but not in such scales any more. I think that in 2019 growth rates will be comparable or am slightly higher – 9%-10%. Along with growth of volume of the issued guarantees in 2018 their average amount decreased. I believe, it is caused by the fact that in 2018 state customers increased a share of purchases in a segment of small and medium business. It, in turn, led to growth of number of biddings for the smaller amounts.

Besides, customers reduce the amount of providing on guarantees: if earlier providing made 30% of the starting maximum price, then now it is most often 5%-10%. So the number of contracts grows, and the amount of providing falls, therefore, the average amount of a guarantee decreases. Also entry into the market of the companies ready to participate in biddings for smaller remuneration had an impact – it reduced the starting price of contracts and the average amount of guarantees.
Svetlana Smirnova, director of products and technologies of the corporate block of Sovcombank

The bank guarantee is a document according to which the bank acting as the guarantor is obliged to pay to the customer beneficiary money. It occurs if the contractor principal will not fulfill the obligations or will perform them in an inadequate way.

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