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BlockStart Program for investment into a blockchain startups


2020: Start of the European program for investment into developers of blockchain technologies

On August 8, 2020 it became known of start in Europe of the large-scale BlockStart project directed to investment into startups which specialize in development a solutions blockchain. Investments are assumed within the European EU Horizon 2020 program which purpose consists in improving competitiveness of Europe.

The blockchain startups which are on the initial, early and developing stages will give to BlockStart a financial support. Participants from all EU countries and also from the states which are not members of alliance, including from Switzerland, Ukraine, Israel, Turkey will be considered. The fund which size is €265 thousand is intended for a blockchain startups which activity is connected with such areas - financial that, information and communication technologies, retail, etc. The selected startups will receive the capital at the rate to €20 thousand.

This affiliate program will provide to startups access to different privileges, including free financing, piloting, mentoring and investor interaction and consultants.

In Europe the large-scale program for investment into a blockchain startups is started

The chosen startups will go to the 6-month program which begins with an installation meeting (a meeting of solution providers with potential clients) then the most successful suppliers of technologies will be allowed to a 4-month stage of prototyping. Within a two-month stage of piloting the startups working with a blockchain and other DLT will have a unique opportunity to check the solutions and to improve the products, to expand the business, will be able closely to work with potential clients (i.e. end users of small and medium business) to define solutions which in the best way answer market demand.

Registration of requests is performed on the F6S platform, requests are accepted till September 31, 2020.[1]

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