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2019: Vulnerabilities in the children's smartwatch

On January 31, 2019 it became known that at the children's smartwatch there are easy-to-work vulnerabilities of increase in privileges.

As it was reported though cybersecurity experts do not cease to warn about danger of children's IoT-gadgets and smart toys, producers continue to supply the market with the vulnerable products representing not only virtual, but also physical threat. For example, the vulnerable smartwatch with function of the GPS tracker allows malefactors to keep track of location of the child and to potentially do it harm.

In the fall of 2017 specialists of Council for consumer protection of Norway tested some models of the smartwatch from different producers, including Gator from TechSixtyFour. During the research in gadgets the vulnerabilities allowing malefactors to trace, overhear were detected and even to communicate with users of devices.

One year later researchers of PEN Test Partners company decided to look once again at Gator and to check how their security was improved.

Guess what we found? It was a complete disaster. Anyone could get access to all database, including to location of children in real time, to names, data of parents, etc. It concerns not only watch of Gator, but also tens of thousands of hours from other brands.

Vangelis Stykas, specialist of PEN Test Partners

Vulnerability allows malefactors to increase the privileges and is extremely easy-to-work. In hours there is no mechanism of verification of presence at the user of permission to access to an administration panel. For gaining access to let attacking rather only know credentials of the user of hours.

The TechSixtyFour company corrected vulnerability, however the problem can still mention gadgets from other producers.[1]

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