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Bosch in Kazakhstan


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The Bosch group in Kazakhstan is provided since 2008 by child structure of Robert Bosch LLP. The company performs distribution and sales of electric tools, automotive components, security systems, the heating and energy saving equipment.


In 2014 in Kazakhstan the large finished goods warehouse (electric tools) servicing Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan is open.

Performance Indicators

2019: Growth of turnover by 7% to 59 million euros

Bosch, the world supplier of technologies and services, registered the consolidated sales for the amount of 59 million euros in the region of Central Asia in 2019 financial year that is 7% higher than a similar indicator of 2018. Growth is caused, mainly, by positive development of divisions of BSH Household appliances, Electric tools and, first of all, the Thermoequipment, reported on July 31, 2020 in Bosch. For December 31, 2019 in Kazakhstan in Bosch about 70 employees, in Uzbekistan - two work.

"In the proceeding difficult economic conditions of Bosch saved the positions in the market in the region in 2019", - the president of Bosch Group in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Central Asia, Mongolia and in the Caucasus Hansjyurgen Overshtolts says.

In a year turnover of the company in Central Asia increased by 7%. Growth was caused, mainly, by positive development of divisions of BSH Household appliances, Electric tools and, first of all, the Thermoequipment. For December 31, 2019 in Kazakhstan in Bosch about 70 employees, in Uzbekistan - two work.

"In connection with current situation we expect that 2020 will be difficult in Kazakhstan and the countries of Central Asia, however we save commitment to the local market and its long-term potential and we see many opportunities for further development", – Overshtolts emphasized.

In the sector of Consumer goods activity "BSH Household appliances" in 2019 grew by 20% in national currency. In the first half of the year 2020 of sale of BSH Kazakhstan showed two-digit growth in comparison with the same period of last year, despite negative impact of a pandemic again. The general gain of turnover of a segment of Bosch Electric tools in Central Asia for 2019 made 27%. Turnover in 1 half-year 2020 reached level 2019, despite difficult country situation and in the world.

In September, 2019 production of a line of professional grinders with the unique system of fastening of the equipment began X-Lock. Also in 2019 in Uzbekistan the first monobranded shops of electric tools Bosch opened. It will allow to optimize the available types of service and services and to become even closer to the consumer.

Sales of division of Bosch of the Thermotechnician increased and in 2019 financial year in Central Asia showed two-digit growth. The most part of turnover is made in Kazakhstan through participation in tenders for apartment heating, development of wholesale sales pattern of a brand of Bosch and the system of distribution of Buderus. Besides, through the whole country the system of service partners and the Authorized Service Centers (ASC) was built. In 2019 orders for deliveries of boilers of Bosch \Buderus from construction companies in the region included as well radiators.

Also the division of Bosch of the Thermotechnician began the participant of the state program Gasification of Kazakhstan allowing the consumer to receive the boiler equipment at connection of gas to housing. In 2019 the gas pipeline which gasification will allow to reduce harmful emissions in the atmosphere six times, and solid substances - on 40 thousand tons was connected to the city of Nur-Sultan. According to this program the division of the Thermotechnician already delivered more than 500 boilers. In 2020 work with the credit program from the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) which will give the chance of wholesale and distribution network Bosch \Buderus to involve in sales the instrument of crediting of the population for installation of the energy efficient equipment to each housing began.

Since 2019 Bosch of the Thermotechnician began to develop actively sales in Uzbekistan, the non-profit representative office of Bosch was open. This step provided a gain of turnovers for 144%. In parallel with it the system of service partners in all territory of Uzbekistan with wholesale spare parts depots is built. Since 2020 in Uzbekistan the company began to sign contracts with the main construction companies of the country that allows to develop and popularize a brand of Bosch \Buderus in the country.

In Kyrgyzstan in 2019 work of distributor network for the heating equipment of Bosch \Buderus was built. It will give the chance in 2020 to develop local market and also to take part in the program of gasification of the country, similar to Kazakhstan.

Besides, Bosch set a goal to make activities for increase and lowering of efficiency on all links of a production and sales chain of as much as possible neutral in terms of impact on climate – by 2030. It is expected that the emissions connected with it will decrease by 15%. Also the company is going to integrate experience of implementation more than 1000 own projects on energy saving in the consulting company under the name Bosch Climate Solutions (Climatic solutions of Bosch).



In 2017 the first delivery of the Bosch WNS10-1.25-QY boiler from the Wuhan plant (China) to Kazakhstan for Caspian Beverage company was performed.

2016: Sales increase of the Bosch Termotekhnika and Elektroinstrumenty directions

In 2016 in the market of heating equipment of Kazakhstan the tendency to economy, and some of options of its implementation came out on top there was an apartment heating. In the city of Shymkent with the participation of Bosch Termotekhnika the large project on installation of boilers in apartments was implemented.

It should be noted significant growth in sales of division Bosch Electric tools. The e-commerce share at the same time increased by 250% and made 3% in total sales.

2015: Decrease by 15% of turnover of Bosch in Kazakhstan and the states of Central Asia

Turnover of Bosch in Kazakhstan and the states of Central Asia in 2015 financial year reached 40 million euros that is 15% less, than in 2014 financial year. The personnel of the company total 50 people. Investment volume in 2015 reached 0.1 million euros.