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CST Service


CST Service (The centralized regional technical service) - the Russian company on maintenance control and cash, computer and office equipments, the bank equipment, payment and information terminals, weight economy and other specialized equipment.

Maykor (Service Holding Company)

Revenue and profit of the company

20112 900 000---



+ CST Service (The centralized regional technical service)
+ Karachinsky Anatoly Mikhaylovich


Activity is performed in all territory of the Russian Federation through a branch network — the regional service centers. Each branch is certified as the Cash registers Maintenance center (technical service center of the cash register equipment) and has own production and technology base for repair of the equipment, the modern equipment for diagnostics. Service divisions are located in the central part of the cities.

In staff of CST Service company more than 2000 technical specialists on service control and cash, computer and office equipments, the bank equipment, payment and information terminals, weight economy and other specialized equipment.

For November, 2011 on service of CST Service company there are more than 750 thousand items of equipment. For February, 2012 the company provided repair and service of mail point-of-sale terminals and the weight equipment in more than 40 thousand postal telegraph offices of Russian Post in all territory of the country.

In 2008 the number of branches was 54, and in their 2011 became already 82 including in such traditionally "difficult" regions as, for example, hardly accessible areas of the Far East (Sakhalin, the Magadan region and others). The number of geographically distributed companies clients "CST Service" constantly grows, and now work with the similar organizations makes about 80% of turnover of the company. Among them there are large retails networks, telecom operators, financial institutions, the industry and the state enterprises.

Performance Indicators


Revenue at the end of 2011 grew by 44% and reached 2.9 billion rubles.


Until the end of 2011 Compulink and "CSTs Service" located at one office at the address Michurinsky Avenue 45, and some staff of Compulink passed to work in "CST Service". But at the level of shareholders of the company are not connected, Mikhail Lyashch said [1].

The staff of CST Service company builds partner relationship with the largest suppliers and equipment manufacturers of different scopes of application, including:



"Service" was created by CST in 2007 based on the Pochta-service company which was engaged in service of mail point-of-sale terminals and the weight equipment of Russian Post. Since then the range of services of the company extended – now in addition to the aforesaid it is also engaged in service of the bank equipment, IT infrastructure and the office equipment, the engineering systems and also telecom infrastructures.

The bulk of clients of the company is made by large and average government and commercial structures. Among the biggest commercial customers of "CST of Service" – Gazpromneft (service of the cash registers at gas station and at offices of the company), the Central Bank, Sberbank and VTB 24, all mobile operators of "the big three". From state customers – Russian Post, the Federal Customs Service, the Federal Tax Service, regional departments of the Pension fund, etc.

"CST of Service" have 82 branches across all Russia and 387 service divisions. Maintenance, the first in addition to rendering, are also responsible for contractual relations with clients and partners, and the second, in fact, represent mobile teams of engineers.

On service "CST of Service" have over 750 thousand pieces of equipment now. In staff of the company about 2 thousand engineers. Annual average investments into development of service network, according to the company, make about 150 million rubles.


In September, 2011 Open technologies and "CSTs Service" signed the partnership agreement. The signed agreement is significant for all companies interested in development and service support of IT infrastructure as will give an opportunity to Open Technologies to render services in technical support and service of IT infrastructure to the customers in all territory of the Russian Federation, using the CST Service branch network numbering 82 service centers. In turn, "CST Service" will expand a range of the provided services in the field of system integration for the clients.

This business alliance in which each of the parties will concentrate on development of own IT competences will give to potential customers following features:

  • regional covering of services across all territory of the Russian Federation;
  • expansion of a range of services, available to order;
  • reduction of price of final service in service maintenance for the customer;
  • mobility in problem solving;
  • unification of processes of service.


Telematic communication services

The CST Service company acquired in the summer of 2012 the right to render telematic communication services in the territory of St. Petersburg. Wide circulation of information and telecommunication services in various sectors of the economy was reflected in an IT infrastructure landscape. Solutions in the field of telematics affected all spheres of business and everyday life. Telematic services allow to exercise monitoring and remote control of different objects. It and the systems of tracking of transport transporting dangerous loads, monitoring of passenger traffic, a management system for forces and means of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Emergency Situations or objects of agro-industrial, forest, oil and gas, manufacturing industry and housing and public utilities. Consolidation of communication opportunities allows to carry out different applied tasks effectively. For example, increase in safety of the population, availability of high-quality training and health care - are impossible without use of the last achievements in the field of telematics.

The license for rendering telematic communication services obtained "by CST Service" will allow MAYKOR group to expand a solution portfolio in the field of remote control of objects and their monitoring in various sectors of the economy. Besides, the license will give the chance to execute projects on service of the IT and telecom infrastructures including the systems of telematics.

Hardware maintenance for printing of production of Brother company

"CST Service" started warranty and post-warranty service of the printing equipment of production of Brother company. Within the partner agreement "CST Service" will carry out service of printers and Brother MFP in all territory of Russia.

Partnership with "CST Service" will allow the company specializing in solutions in the field of office infrastructure and communications to optimize work on service and repair of the made equipment. Transfer of these works on outsourcing will give the chance of Brother company to reduce costs for warranty and post-warranty service and to expand the regional presence.

"Cooperation with large global manufacturer of the printing equipment — Brother company — gives us the chance to offer clients the certified service in all territory of Russia and to expand experience in work with the office equipment" — Andrey Kryukov, the vice president for organizational development of "CST of Service" noted.

"CST service" in 2012 will direct 300 million rubles to purchase of regional service companies. Irina Semyonova, the marketing vice president of "The service holding company" told about this CNews (Maykor trademark) who includes "CST service". The first transaction already took place - in the first quarter the Far East "DV-STS" controlling about 20% of the service market of Khabarovsk Krai according to the buyer was completely purchased 2012. The amount specifically of this transaction is not disclosed.