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Deliveries of products of the Israeli company Check Point to Russia and the CIS began in 1997. The company performs all sales in the country only through partners.

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Check Point Affiliate program

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2020: Participation in TAdviser IT Security Day

The Check Point Software Technologies company became the partner of the IT Security Day 2020 online conference: What tasks are most of all important now for the cybersecurity sphere which will be carried out by TAdviser on June 30.

Participants will discuss modern requirements to information security, will tell how large cyberincidents affect the market and how to ensure safety of zero day in modern realities. The leading world suppliers of IT solutions and services will share the experience.

Valery Denisov, the information security engineer of Check Point Software Technologies, will tell about tasks which are most relevant for the cybersecurity sphere now.

"Modern business endures an era of spontaneous and spasmodic changes. We see crisis situations, we see that users in large quantities pass to new services, to new methods of access to corporate resources. There are questions: how to protect corporate resources if all employees work from the house how to use cloud services at remote work, – Valery tells. – The companies should implement new technologies which will allow to change, scale and improve flexibly existing business processes. All this sets new tasks and calls which it is necessary to answer for the management of the companies".


2019: Participation in TADviser SummIT

Check Point Software Technologies, the world's largest vendor on network cyber security, for the first time participates in the TAdviser SummIT conference. Within the summit the company will share with market participants about why cyberthreats become more and more relevant in the digital world what is the attacks of fifth generation and what preventive measures should be taken to protect the business. At the stand of the company you learn how to order free audit of sovy infrastructure, will get acquainted with key solutions on protection of information infrastructure of your company.


In rubles annual growth was about 50%

At the end of year the regional representative office executed effective objectives, having shown growth not only in rubles, but also in dollars, according to the company. In rubles annual growth was about 50%. More than a third of all sales (37%) in Russia in 2015 fell on new customers of Check Point as from commercial, and public sector.

Also the company continues the expansion of the state begun in 2015. The number of employees of representative office of Check Point in a year grew up and now is 40, including a command in the CIS.

Check Point localizes production of the products in Russia

Check Point is going to localize production of the products in Russia, TAdviser in June, 2015 the company executive in Russia and the CIS Vasily Dyagilev told. According to him, in 2015 Check Point expects to present the localized solution on which it will be possible to put a label "is made in Russia".

Dyagilev explains that now his company in Russia has a product (firewall) in which encipheringof VPN connection has compliance of GOST. It is usually demanded by state customers whom the law obliges to use Gostovy connection. Compliance of GOST in this case is provided due to use of library of enciphering of the Russian company "Kripto-PRO" instead of own libraries of enciphering Check Point. This firewall with a line of hardware platforms of different performance from which the customer can select the most suitable is delivered. The speech goes about their localization now.

Check Point is going to organize release of hardware platforms in Russia based on partner production sites. According to Dyagilev, most likely, the partner in this direction will be one, however this issue is still discussed. As of June of Check Point also decides on a format in which production will be organized. The company expects to begin to manufacture the first hardware platforms in Russia in 2015.

Head of Check Point in Russia and CIS Vasily Dyagilev

In addition to a hardware platform of Check Point also studies a possibility of localization of development of a functional part of the solution at the level of a program code together with partners in Russia. The company has a development center in Belarus which, in addition to participation in creation of products together with a global command, conducts also works on localization of the interface of products for Russia, however Check Point looks towards the organization of complete product development in the territory of the Russian Federation, speaks Vasily Dyagilev.

The plans for deep localization of products in Check Point connect with the corresponding customers needs in the Russian public sector. The matter became even more relevant after the company in May, 2015 signed the agreement on cooperation with the RT-Inform company entering into Rostec Group.

Localization of production is for Check Point one of steps on development of sales in a public sector. Other important step, according to Dyagilev, is certification of products. The product line with VPN enciphering in accordance with GOST already has certification of FSTEC, and the company conducts work for receiving certification of FSB confirming correctness of embedding of means of enciphering. This certification will allow to use the solutions Check Point in broader spectrum of state structures, including structures of the Russian Defense Ministry, Vasily Dyagilev says.

It should be noted that process of receiving certification of FSB on these products Check Point was significantly dragged out.

"It is rather difficult process, both from technology, and from the legal point of view. It is connected, including, with need of disclosure of the source code of a product to certifying authority. This question is the most painful for any vendor as its developments are its know-how. Approval of that level to which the code will be opened and model of tests took more time, than we calculated. However now process of receiving certification is in a final stage, we hope to complete it by the end of 2015", - the head of Check Point in Russia and the CIS explains.

Check Point is active began to develop sales in a public sector in Russia two years ago. Absolute measures on revenue in this segment in Check Point are not opened, as well as its share in the general sales to the company across Russia. Vasily Dyagilev noted only that on volumes revenue in a public sector approaches revenue from the financial sector which is one of the largest for the company. He added that the public sector is also the most fast-growing segment in Russia for Check Point: growth rates of sales are calculated by three-digit digits here. It, however, can be explained with low starting base of sales.


Check Point started extensive expansion to Russian regions

Check Point is going to expand significantly regional presence in Russia, TAdviser in November, 2014 Bruno Darmon, the vice president of the company for sales in EMEA region told.

According to him, meanwhile Check Point is mainly provided in Moscow where its representation is based and where the main part of her clients is concentrated. In plans of the company – opening of offices in a number of the Russian cities: in St. Petersburg, in the cities in the Ural region, Siberia and in the Far East. According to representatives of Check Point, the final list of the cities is in process of formation.

The company notes that Check Point already conducts sales in regions, but through partners. Own regional offices of the company will be engaged in sales and pre-sale work with local customers.

After opening of Check Point regional offices is going to broaden their state in process of growth of volumes of business

Bruno Darmon explains that geographical expansion is a consequence of evolution of business of Check Point in Russia. It draws a parallel with a situation which took place in Germany about 8-9 years ago when the company was concentrated in Munich, and the staff of the Munich office Check Point went to other parts of the country. Then the company decided to open separate commands in some other the German cities, in particular, in Frankfurt and Cologne to be closer to customers and partners.

"Now we do the same also in Russia where actively we do business. Now the staff of the Russian office Check Point regularly travels to regions, but we want that we had local commands which would reside there", - the vice president for sales in the region of EMEA Check Point told TAdviser.

The head of the Russian representative office of Check Point Vasily Dyagilev in a conversation with TAdviser also told that in addition to regional expansion in Russia his company considers also the possibility the same way to expand the presence and in other CIS countries, for example, in Kazakhstan.

Bruno Darmon added that at Check Point "the aggressive and accelerated plan" for growth of business in Russia since the company sees high potential in the Russian market is drawn up.

Declaration of change of requirements to partners

In 2015 Check Point is going to completely change the affiliate program and in terms of approaches to it, and in terms of requirements to partners, TAdviser in November, 2014 Vasily Dyagilev, the chief representative of the company in Russia and the CIS told. According to him, changes in the program have global character, and Check Point in Russia them analyzes and conducts discussion with the channel concerning that how new requirements will correspond to local realities.

The main task of changes - it is essential to increase technical expertize of partners, Vasily Dyagilev says. At the level of "golden" partners with examination level everything is all right, however at the level of the others it is required to work in this direction: "being expressed by the known phrase, euphoria from a large number of the earned money quickly passes from the beginning of a headache from bad implementation", he notes.

"We will increase "quality" of partners, their capability to implement those and other projects and also we look towards expansion of a partner network in terms of regional development", - Dyagilev says.

According to the chief representative of Check Point in Russia and the CIS, in 2014 the total number of regional partners of the company in Russia doubled: partners appeared in the Volga region, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and other cities. In the general complexity as of fall of 2014 the company in Russia has about 8 "golden", 11 "silver" and 76 "bronze" partners. In 2014 the company had about 20 new partners.

It should be noted that in 2012 Check Point booked audit of a partner network in Russia according to the results of which a part of partners was a deavtorizovana. As then explained TAdviser in the company, all questions of a deavtorization concerned only "bronze" partners. According to the results of audit their number was reduced approximately by 30 companies – to 40 partners.

As of June, 2013 the number of "bronze" partners of Check Point made about 50 companies, 8 "golden" and 15 "silver" partners. According to the partnership director of Check Point in Russia and the CIS Georgy Tsitsiashvili, mainly, inactive partners who were not engaged in business lost the "bronze" partner status Check Point.

After audit the company toughened also conditions of obtaining the partner statuses. In particular, increased a threshold of the minimum annual sales volume which varies depending on the region of Russia and the CIS where the partner is based. Besides, then Check Point significantly raised requirements to qualification of specialists of the companies applying for partner authorization: for obtaining the status of the "silver" partner, for example, the company should have not less than four qualified engineers.

2013: Check Point increases turnover and storms a public sector in Russia

For the first 3 quarters 2013 Check Point revenue in Russia grew more than by 65%, and according to the results of all year - approximately for 40%, the CEO of local representative office Vasily Dyagilev told in February, 2014.

Revenue across Russia in absolute measures in the company is not opened, however say that in 2012 it grew at much more modest rates – about 15%. The company set the same target level on sales growth to itself also for 2013, Dyagilev told TAdviser. Approximately the market of cybersecurity in Russia in 2013 in general also grew by 15-20%, by Check Point estimates.

The actual acceleration of growth rates in the company is connected, mainly, with the fact that in 2013 Check Point was focused in Russia on development of new clients and mastering of new verticals of the market, including - in regions while earlier progressive tense it was focused on support of already existing big customers. Due to these efforts the number of new clients in Russia for last year at Check Point grew by 40%.

Add to the companies that Check Point in Russia is not so mature player yet, as in America and Europe where it covers more extensive range of customers. Before in Russia Check Point, mainly, worked with the largest companies, and last year expanded the scope and to less large.

According to the management of the Russian representative office, Check Point achieved special success on business development in Russia in the telecom industry where its solutions are used practically by all companies of the twenty of the largest telecom operators and Internet service providers.

For 2014 Check Point sets as the purpose to keep growth of business in Russia at least at the level of 25% and to strengthen the positions in the most priority for itself the industries. In addition to the telecom industry, also oil and gas, financial industry and a public sector concern like those.

The company selects business development in the Russian public sector before itself a singular problem, Vasily Dyagilev says. Last year, according to him, Check Point had first large projects here. Dyagilev preferred not to open names of customers, however noted in a conversation with TAdviser that in one of the draft decisions Check Point "will become the standard of the whole industry".

In connection with the plans to become stronger in a public sector of Check Point conducts serious work on certification of the products. For the last four years she received FSTEC certificates on a number of products of the company, and now prepares for obtaining certificates of FSB to expand a range of projects in which the company can participate.

The staff of the Russian representative office of Check Point in 2013 was increased up to 22 people, and in 2014 is going to increase it up to 30 people. The number of the authorized partners at Check Point in Russia as of the end of 2013 made about 100, and the solutions of the company anyway performing sales – about 300, provide data in the Russian representative office. For 2014 Check Point sets as the purpose to consolidate the channel and to continue to improve "quality" of partners.