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Financial tender of Fintender





Owners– is an online service which provides interaction of Sovcombank with participants of purchases (state and commercial) and the agents accompanying participants of tenders. It is possible submit the application for the bank guarantee or the credit for participation in the tender remotely from any place in the world. For this purpose the participant of purchases needs to be registered previously on FINTENDER.RU and to have the qualified electronic digital signature. Full and legally significant electronic document management is one of main advantages of in comparison with other services.

Process of filling of requests is most automated thanks to integration with external sources. From clients and agents information minimum on an input is required, service will find other data and will fill independently. For clients who already left earlier requests process takes even less time as service stores the relevant electronic file of the client from documents in which request are substituted automatically.

For acceleration of decision making the bot with artificial intelligence which constantly studies at the basis of the previous transactions on the client participates in processing of requests. All communication according to transactions takes place online thanks to the built-in chat.


The Sovcombank started issue of tender loans into special accounts

On December 10, 2018 Sovcombank reported that it began to issue tender loans for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs into special accounts. Start of a product is caused by changes in 44-FZ. FINTENDER.RU online service allows to obtain a tender loan in the shortest possible time .

Changes in the legislation on state procurements concerned process of carrying out electronic tenders and auctions within 44-FZ (for all segments) and 223-FZ (for representatives of small and medium business). Now participants should deposit means for providing requests not to accounts of electronic marketplaces as it was earlier, and into the special, opened in authorized banks accounts.

To deposit funds for special accounts and to ensure participation in the tender, clients can issue a tender loan. It will allow to use not own current assets, but loan. The list of banks which can open and service special accounts is set by the Government. The Sovcombank was included into the list, carried out integration with electronic marketplaces and successfully works with them. Now the credit is issued directly into the special account of the procurement participant opened in Sovcombank. Purchase at the same time can be carried out on any of the accredited platforms.

Tender loan in Sovcombank it is possible to issue online. For this purpose the client should be registered in FINTENDER.RU service and have the special account which can be opened in departments of Sovcombank. Also it needs the qualified electronic digital signature. For the users who opened the account, all further transactions will take place remotely.

Service is integrated with external sources that does process of filling of requests most automated. Users enter only initial information, and service will find other data and will fill independently. Quicker the bot with artificial intelligence allows to make decisions on requests, and the built-in online chat simplifies communications according to transactions.

Maximum amount of a tender loan – 200 million rubles. The commission for opening of a credit line and reservation of means makes from 1.75% of a credit amount, but not less than 2,000 rubles.

The tender loan is granted directly under a request of the platform and at once blocked on the account therefore for bank this product does not bear risks that allows us to offer the clients a profitable rate. Other important feature of the credit is full electronic document management which provides FINTENDER.RU service.
Svetlana Smirnova, director of products and technologies of branch Corporate Sovcombank

The Sovcombank became the only owner of an online service of Fintender

In November, 2018 it became known that the Sovcombank became the only owner of Fintender. After completion of the transaction the name of the operator of service remained the same – JSC Fintender, however details changed. Earlier Fintender was unrolled on infrastructure of third-party vendor.

Within the transaction full migration of service on infrastructure of Sovcombank was made. The name of the operator of service remained the same – JSC Fintender, but accounts of the platform will be serviced in Sovcombank now. At restart of the mechanisms allowing users to transfer the profile automatically were implemented. It made transition the most comfortable for clients and agents.