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Information Security Center (ISC) of FSB


Being based in the monumental building at the corner of Lubyanka Square and Myasnitskaya built in the 80th years for computer center of KGB, TsIB not only is engaged in protection of computer networks and catching of hackers, but conducts careful monitoring of the Internet.

In particular, in FSB TsIB makes decisions on what materials need to be removed from access to Networks.


Operational management of TsIB is the most combat unit of TsIBa which is engaged not only technical protection of computer networks today, but also conducts active operational work on the Internet.

For this TsIB FSB uses the special search analytical systems created by the Russian programmers. For example, on June 2, 2010 in / Part 64829 (i.e. TsIB) announced competition No. 147/I/1-133 on delivery of the software product with the maximum price of 450 thousand rubles. In the contract speaks that interests TsIB — an information and analytical system Semantic archive of Analytical Business Solutions company.


2017: Arrest of the chief of the 2nd management Sergey Mikhaylov

In January, 2017 it became known that the chief of the 2nd management of TsIB FSB Sergey Mikhaylov is arrested on suspicion of receiving money from the foreign organization with mediation of the employee of the Russian company in the field of information security. Investigation is conducted on suspicion of violation of Article 275 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ("High treason"). Read more here.

Officially the main point does not reveal. According to different versions suspects could "hand over" to the States hackers of servers of Democratic party of the USA, participate in cracking of mailboxes of the Moscow parapolitical celebrities the Humpty Dumpty grouping (case is investigated separately and there is no direct link between affairs), or in another stories, for example to sabotage investigation of DDoS attack on Assist payment system (the founder of Chronopay payment system Pavel Vrublevsky is found guilty of it, he already served sentence). In more detail about case here.

2011: Attempt of clarification of data of the reader of the website for the benefit of Odnoklassniki

On April 28, 2011 the 30-year-old journalist Yury Sinodov was called by the employee of the Information Security Center (ISC) of FSB. Sinodov is an owner and the Chief Editor of the website specializing in publicizing of the market of the Internet companies and social networks, and the employee of FSB asked it to open data of one of authors of the website writing about the internal conflict in Odnoklassniki.

Already asked Sinodov such questions in 2007, and this time he decided to demand official confirmation. Soon he received it — in the form of a request with the coat of arms of FSB from the address, signed by the head of one of divisions of TsIB of Sergey Mikhaylov.

Then the Synods appealed to Department of Internal Security of FSB to check whether such attention to authors of its website is legal. Affirmed as the answer of the first deputy of Operational management of TsIB A. Lyutikov that the request is legitimate and has help character.

The synods on it did not stop and asked the same question to the State Office of Public Prosecutor. The answer was absolutely unexpected: the carried-out inspection set violation of the law "About operational search activity" the staff of TsIB, and it is already specified to the management of TsIB about inadmissibility of violations of the law.

After that the Synods with clear conscience laid out the correspondence with FSB and the State Office of Public Prosecutor on the website.

According to him, the interest of FSB is explained by the fact that officers, most likely, were used by the staff of private companies which wanted to find out where there was a leak of the restricted information:

"It seems to me that the company ("Odnoklassniki") mentioned in a post channels of leak of unofficial information on them are very interesting, at the same time it on nothing is not necessary to TsIBu. It is not a question of the state value, it is a problem of the company"[1].

2006: Requests to the websites to delete caricatures of the prophet Muhammad

In March, 2006, Sergey Mikhaylov, one of heads of divisions of TsIB, sent Masterhost hosting provider the letter with a request to delete from the websites and of a caricature of the prophet Muhammad, the caused protests of Muslims worldwide. The homepage of then was temporarily blocked, and history became known.