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NITsI at Federal State Unitary Enterprise MFA of Russia



Federal State Unitary Enterprise NITsI pri MFA of Russia is engaged in solving of tasks of information support the MFA of Russia and is parent organization on creation, operation and development of the Information system in foreign policy questions (ICs VPV) which on a number of indicators is a unique complex programmatically – technical means and information technologies.

A system is created for the benefit of information and analytical service of central office the MFA of Russia and its representations abroad and in the territory of the Russian Federation. The enterprise performs the following types of activity in the order set by the legislation of the Russian Federation:

  • carrying out research and development, service of program technical means, repair of computer aids;
  • carrying out uniform technical policy when developing a special Information system on foreign policy questions (ICs VPV) the MFA of Russia;
  • development and deployment technical, program, information, linguistic and organizational legal support of information systems;
  • creation and maintaining fund of algorithms and programs;
  • creation of the software and hardware complexes providing interface of the IC VPV MFA of Russia to the state information systems;
  • information support of the organizations and enterprises of the Russian Federation within their international activity;
  • work on the data protection processed in the IC VPV MFA of Russia and also in other systems and information technologies developed by the Enterprise within the program of informatization the MFA of Russia;
  • participation in carrying out information inspection of automation objects, setting and development of the user tasks and models of processes of preparation of foreign policy solutions;
  • participation in development of initial data on preparation and the equipment of objects for implementation of systems and the automation equipment;
  • computer providing international and governmental activities;
  • holding actions and rendering services in protection of the state secret;
  • organization of training of workers the MFA of Russia and foreign institutions of Russia to work in the IC VPV MFA of Russia;
  • implementation of educational activity in the field of postgraduate professional education (postgraduate study);
  • work, the data connected with use which are the state secret.