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National Bioservice (NBS)


Service provider of a biobankirovaniye

Biopharmaceutical investments of RVC


National Bioservice (NBS) is the research biobank and bioservice performing activity according to international standards and the principles of ethics, transparency and mutually beneficial cooperation with clients and partners. National Bioservice executes a role of the crucial element of infrastructure of biomedical researches in Russia which is deeply integrated into the international activities for improvement of human health and development of the personalized medicine. NBS renders a range of professional services in the field of search, laboratory processing, the analysis and storage of biological samples and also product development and materials of research appointment on the basis of cellular and fabric technologies. NBS is portfolio company of RVC Biofund and also is among the companies of the Helsnet Natsionalnoy market of a technology initiative.


Based on NBS laboratory the collection of biobrazts with different characteristics and the description is created. The centers of collecting, storage and processing of different types of biological samples are used by developers of new drugs and the practicing doctors, including for development and confirmation of efficiency of methods of early diagnosis of oncological diseases.

For 2018 National Bioservice is also the only developer and the producer of the fabric microchips (TMA) in Russia used for testing and development of therapeutic and diagnostic antibodies.

The product represents a set of cuts of normal and pathological tissues of the person fixed on subject glasses, optimum located and primacies.

Biochip technologies allow scientists to investigate properties of specific biological molecules.

2019: The plan of start of a system of accounting of biological materials of the person by means of AI

On November 4, 2019 it became known that representatives of the CoBrain-Analytics project signed the agreement with National Bioservice company for the purpose of start of a special system of accounting of biological materials of the person by means of artificial intelligence. Read more here.

2018: National network of biobanks

When developing new drugs and methods of treatment experiments on animals and people are made. But for the solution of many tasks it is enough to investigate samples of tissues of the person out of his organism. For this purpose in Russia the national network of biobanks is created.

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2014: Creation of the company with the assistance of RVC Biofund

National Bioservice is created (NBS) in March, 2014 with the assistance of the State institute of development "Biopharmaceutical investments of RVC" (RVC Biofund) — and is the Russia's first commercial biobank of research appointment combining a repository of biological samples with commercial bioservice of a wide profile.