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2019: Creation of the company

At the beginning of December, 2019 it became known of what Skolkovo creates IT integrator for the state. It is supposed that the new company under the name "Skolkovo integration" will develop complete industry technological solutions and to advance them. However, for this purpose it is necessary to work the legislation under the state integrator and to give it "temporary" preferences.

The idea of creation of such integrator is described in the letter of technopark Skolkovo to the prime minister Dmitry Medvedev. The head of the government, in turn, considered that in it "there is a rational grain" and charged to the chairman of Skolkovo Foundation the Arcadia to Dvorkovich and the Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov "work and report offers".

According to integrates Vedomosti, technopark Skolkovo most of all Russian IT solutions which together can carry out the most part of information and technology tasks of any customer, but separately can not always contact this customer independently.

In Skolkovo say that the Russian market of system integration is mainly divided between ten of the largest integrators – they earn from cooperation with the foreign companies and are not interested in import substitution.

The market participants polled by the edition do not see need to create the state IT integrator. The president of Russoft association Valentin Makarov, the chairman of the board of directors of Aplana group Tagir Yapparov and the co-founder of IBS Sergey Matsotsky adhere to such position.

According to them, in Russia there are already state integrators (for example, Scientific Research Institute Voskhod) of which the most part of orders is the share. If the state integrator enters fight against private traders in the market where 60–70% of the order anyway depend on the state, then history can be come to a bad end, Makarov warns.[1]