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Tyurkin Mikhail Leonidovich

Tyurkin Mikhail Leonidovich, was born on September 30, 1967 in Irkutsk.

In 1984 after the termination of the Kalinin (Tver) Suvorov Military School entered the Moscow highest general command school of a name of the Supreme Council of RSFSR.

From August, 1988 to July, 1992 passed military service at officer positions in Armed forces.

In 1992 arrived on law department of the Military university. Having ended it in 1995, continued service at department of the Constitutional and international law.

In March, 1999 it is appointed the deputy chief of the same department.

In 2000 defended the master's thesis on the subject "Powers of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of Defense".

In 2004 defended the doctoral dissertation on migration subject.

In June, 2005 the academic status of professor is given. Has more than 100 publications.

From 2000 to 2002 worked in Management on emergencies of the Main organizational and inspection Department of MIA of Russia.

Since April, 2002 as the head of department of legal support of Federal Migration Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

In August, 2002 it is appointed the deputy chief of Federal Migration Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The decree of the President of the Russian Federation in September, 2004 it is appointed the associate director of Federal Migration Service, and in July, 2008 – the first deputy director of FMS of Russia.

Mikhail Tyurkin is the chairman of the Joint commission of the State Parties of the CIS in fight against illegal migration, the member of several government commissions on migration problems, including the member of the Government commission on information technology implementation in activity of state bodies and local government authorities.

Mikhail Tyurkin, as the First Deputy Director of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation, successfully solved the problems connected with implementation in work of FMS of the latest technologies and transition to an electronic format of providing public services. Under its management complete informatization of Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation was carried out, the technical base of department is improved and work of information systems is built, the Internet portal FMS of the Russian Federation is completely rebuilt. The main and most difficult task which the service managed to solve – effective interdepartmental information exchange about which the Russian President spoke more than once, bringing up the subject of transition to the electronic government.

Mikhail Tyurkin's competence also included development process and issues of the new biometric passports with the electronic medium conforming to all international requirements. Serious work is carried out also in the field of accounting of migrants: for the first time in our country the electronic base allowing to keep account of migrants and to trace migration flows is created. Projects of FMS were of great importance for implementation of the concept of development of the electronic government in Russia and repeatedly received the appreciation of the country leaders.

Since June, 2009 headed Hockey club "HK Ministry of Internal Affairs". Since April, 2010 is the president of Hockey club "DYNAMO" (Moscow).

2011-2012: The head of the department of IT in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

Appointment and the announced tasks

On January 25, 2011 within reforming of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation as a part of department the new specialized Department of information technologies, communication and data protection is formed. The head of new department Mikhail Leonidovich Tyurkin is appointed the decree of the Russian President No. 88.

The new department formed as a part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs had to solve problems of widespread introduction of the most modern technologies of management. In the conditions of reforming of department basic change of a system of interaction with the population had to become one of key activities of department. Reducing the number of employees of internal affairs, it is necessary to raise their professional grade, to implement new standards of work with citizens, to reduce terms of bureaucratic procedures and to increase efficiency. Gradation is planned for providing public services by divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in electronic form, creation of a common information space of law-enforcement bodies and also providing and temporary use of information security.

The newly created Department which was headed by Mikhail Tyurkin had to become key division on development and carrying out uniform policy in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the field of informatization and development of information systems and technologies.

In September, 2011 Mikhail Tyurkin appeared on the CNews magazine cover, having headed the list of heads of the state departments with the biggest budgets on informatization in 2011. The budget of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - 12.3 billion rubles.

File:CNews 56 cover 2011.jpg

About development plans for the Ministry of Internal Affairs for 3 years on CNews FORUM 2011 10 of November, 2011


Dismissal and exposing articles

In October, 2012 the President Vladimir Putin signed the decree "About Dismissal of Staff of Bodies of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation". Among others the lieutenant general of internal service Mikhail Tyurkin holding a position of the head of the department of information technologies, communication and data protection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was dismissed. The decree is published on the Kremlin website.

In December, 2012 the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Khinshtein published an exposing column in the Moskovskij Komsomolets newspaper. A part it was devoted to Mikhail Tyurkin[1]:

Organized department specially under Tyurkin — such is there was a will of the minister Nurgaliyev of that time. Met with Tyurkinym Nurgaliyev, to be exact, gathered on … to ice. Being the deputy director of FMS, Tyurkin headed the hockey club of the Ministry of Internal Affairs which joined afterwards Dynamo. Several times in a week he drove a washer with the minister — for the yogi Nurgaliyev the hockey was almost religion.

Trusted relationships connected Tyurkin and with his new curator — Sergey Gerasimov. Before, when Gerasimov worked in presidential administration, they with Tyurkin were engaged in creation of passports of new generation.

Tyurkin began the reforms exactly according to the same scenario, as Nemchikov: everything that became to it — a hogwash, predecessors — entirely numskulls and swindlers. On that there was also a reason political: till 2010 InformSystem in the Ministry of Internal Affairs was engaged in creation the main enemy Nurgaliyeva — his deputy Mikhail Sukhodolsky. Any blow to it balm spilled on the minister's heart.

By the time of Tyurkin's appointment 5 years in the Ministry of Internal Affairs programs of informatization were developed. Main of them — information telecommunication system (EITKS of Department of Internal Affairs) which should connect by a single network all police divisions — from the ministry to rural department. Billions of rubles were naturally dug to the earth: to most regional departments laid lines of fiber-optic communication. In total in 2005-2011 38.7 billion rubles are spent for EITKS.

This system partially functions already now and great facilitates work of police officers. However up to the end it is not constructed: about 30% of divisions are not connected to EITKS. If in the regional centers with telecommunications everything more or less is safely, then on the earth, especially in rural areas, work in the old manner. About any access to bases of the DNA analysis or the Handwriting program the speech does not go there.

Complete start of EITKS was planned in 2012, but the general Tyurkin overset former plans. Instead of completing the work of predecessors, it arrived cardinally: crossed out all old and started with a clean slate. In July, 2011 at the initiative of Tyurkin almost implemented EITKS program was officially closed by Nurgaliyev's order.

It was in exchange announced creation of the new program: single system of information and analytical ensuring activity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (ISOD). She, as envisioned by Tyurkin, also had to make a required technical revolution. There passed one and a half years. Does not smell of any revolution in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Tens of departmental information resources (services on duty, finance, the right Wiki, the investigation, the personnel) work independently: they are not united in a single system and especially are not connected to EITKS. 5.8 thousand integration software and hardware complexes are not coordinated in uniform infrastructure: everyone is aloof.

Orders were placed anyhow. Here, say, electronic document management system (EDID Department of Internal Affairs). It is really necessary to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, especially administrative services: outside the XXI century, and the account to papers goes on millions here.

The most important, it also predecessors of the technical revolutionary understood: the corresponding developments began in 2007. Just by the time of Tyurkin's arrival the pilot version of the program was started in administrative department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in 7 departments and managements it earned in the test mode.

However Tyurkin did not even begin to wait for results of trial operation: instead competitions on development of new programs and purchase of the equipment were announced. The equipment was bought without any calculations, disregarding a real picture and throughputs of communication channels. (For a system with 400 users purchased licenses in one thousand times more: on 500 thousand.)

Already then it will become clear: under the guise of new research and development of the Ministry of Internal Affairs nearly paid on the second time for old developments. Thank God, it was opened in time (case was already at Kolokoltsev) and auctions managed to cancel. 580 million rubles were saved.

Purchase of the equipment for start of the ISOD system (data processing centers, the stand of the chief designer) became top of tyurkinsky wastefulness. To the budget it cost almost 3 billion rubles.

What requires this equipment — in department of information technologies with sense cannot still explain. Without software it is dead: all the same as the computer which cannot be included. And programs both were not, and is not present. Not accidentally a year of the technician at the cost of 3 billion rubles becomes dusty not unpacked: creating government contracts, Tyurkin for some reason did not think to find in advance the space for installation.

By the time of the leaving he in all seriousness suggested to deploy the equipment on an object at the seller — Federal State Unitary Enterprise Goznak (besides that — is more than enough of the free areas in the Ministry of Internal Affairs). The cost of lease will cost the Ministry of Internal Affairs 96 million rubles in a year.

Still about the same the budget will be forced to pay for other general negligence: in January the term of warranty installation and service of the equipment expires. Now "iron" should be set for own money: and if, God forbid, some malfunctions also are opened …

The new inspections which are carried out according to Kolokoltsev's instructions opened absolutely failure picture. Reaction followed without delay: in the summer the minister disposed to cancel all earlier appointed auctions of department of information technologies. The money put under the mythical ISOD program — 5.3 billion rubles — Kolokoltsev directed to first-priority needs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (4.6 thousand cars bought in exchange will definitely not become dusty in warehouses).

And soon also resignation of the unaccomplished revolutionary Tyurkin appeared in time: 2 weeks ago the person from the outside — the former director of the large IT company Alexander Makhonov is appointed to his place.

The general is waited in the nearest future by final dismissal and trial in Investigative Committee: I am afraid only — it has nothing to be afraid of the last.

Many months in offices of ICR lie without the movement the materials about corruption sent from GUSB and the Main Directorate for Economic Safety and Counteracting Corruption of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. I know of 5 such facts though in their reality for certain it is more. All of them would have to turn into criminal cases against the former heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs long ago, but it, probably, is necessary for nobody.

Ranks and awards

Honored lawyer of the Russian Federation. Full member of "Academy of military sciences". In June, 2009 the Decree of the President Russian Federations gives the rank of the militia lieutenant general. It is awarded with the state and departmental awards.

Married. Brings up three children.