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Acronis Cyber Platform

Developers: Acronis (Akronis)
Last Release Date: 2019/04/25
Technology: PaaS - Platform As A Service - the Business platform as service,  Development tools of applications

2019: Opening of access to the platform for third-party developers

On April 25, 2019 the Acronis company announced opening of broad access for third-party developers to the reference platform of Acronis Cyber Platform to stimulate expansion of functionality and application integration and at the same time to increase possibilities of developers in a wide ecosystem of Acronis.

Acronis Cyber Platform

According to the company, the Acronis Cyber Platform platform is a basis for all services provided by the company and includes the API sets, tools for developers (SDK) and examples of the source code. Acronis opens access to API which was dostupnen only to the staff of Acronis and some partners with whom the platform is integrated such as ConnectWise, Microsoft and Google earlier.

Using possibilities of the platform, developers can create data sources, data warehouses and control functions and also to integrate the applications with solutions of Acronis for cyber defense. Besides, they can embed technologies of Acronis in the applications, systems and cloud marketplaces. Thus, independent software suppliers (ISV), OEM manufacturing, service providers, sellers of software and end users will be able to increase the profitability and to solve more problems for themselves and to develop an ecosystem of Acronis. For April, 2019 the Acronis company services community from 50 thousand partners in the sales channel, 500 thousand companies and 5 million end users.

Start of the Acronis Cyber Platform platform implements the idea of Acronis that modern cyber defense should integrate data protection, cyber security and privacy. Both the volume of the processed data, and quantity of options of their use and also quantity of their sources and storages daily grows in the modern world. The only way to completely check and protect these data – to implement Five vectors of cyber defense, namely security, availability, privacy, authenticity and security of data (SAPAS).

The existing Acronis services for backup, synchronization and file sharing, a notarization and disaster recovery are already created on ideology of SAPAS and constructed about use of Acronis Cyber Infrastructure, Acronis Cyber Cloud and API of the Acronis Cyber Platform platform.

Expansion of our solutions on cyber defense using opening of our platform and its API shows to the market our vision and gives ISV, to OEM manufacturing, service providers and corporate developers an opportunity how to expand possibilities of the applications, and to supplement functionality of solutions on cyber defense of Acronis company, and to make them available to our partner ecosystem. Independent software makers (ISV), OEM manufacturing, service providers and developers can increase competitiveness of the business and increase revenue using solutions by Acronis Cyber Platform and access to a partner ecosystem of Acronis.

Sergey Belousov, founder and CEO of Acronis

Access to the platform gives to third-party developers of an opportunity to work with each vector of security separately or with all five at once – as does Acronis Total Protect. The product Acronis Total Protect provides the following level of cyber defense due to integration in single solution of functions of backup, cyber security and centralized operation by systems.

The Acronis Cyber Platform platform for April, 2019 is in the mode of early access. During this period support from the developer is available. About public availability of the platform, official training and certifications will be announced from October 13 to October 16, 2019.