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Aurora the Voice assistant for state services

Developers: Ministry of employment and economy of Finland
Last Release Date: February, 2019
Branches: Government and social institutions,  Internet services


2019: Use in Finland

In February, 2019 it became known of start in Finland of the voice assistant to Aurora who helps citizens to use public services.

Service allows Finns to register in acceptance to the doctor, to get basic legal advice bureaus, information on tax deductions, etc.

Finland started the voice assistant for work with state services
Finland started the voice assistant for work with state services

Important feature of the program is its capability to adapt under the specific person and to offer him services which are necessary for it at some point to life.

So-called training with  a reinforcement — one of methods of machine learning during which an ispytuyemy system studies is the cornerstone of technology, interacting with some environment.  In a case with Aurora the algorithm defines a set of services (are provided by both state bodies, and private companies), which become the most demanded at a certain user group over time. These services become priority and actively progress while digital development of less popular services to be postponed.

Until the end of February, 2019 access to Aurora is opened for everyone. In case of successful testing which results will be published in April the voice assistant will be started on a permanent basis in 2019-2022.

It is supposed that possibilities of the virtual assistant will be wide. For example, he will be able to notify the population on emergencies, to recommend places for work and medical institutions. For launch of service it was concentrated on three specific scenarios: moving to other city for training at the university, search of rates for advanced training and support of children and parents in a difficult family situation.[1] 

The Ministry of Economy and Employment of Finland calls Aurora "national network of robots for customer service" and one of components of the plan of the country for its transformation into the leader in the field of artificial intelligence.

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