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Canyon CNE series Fitness bracelets

Developers: Canyon
Last Release Date: 2019/03/15
Branches: Pharmaceutics, medicine, health care,  Electrical equipment and microelectronics

2019: CNE-SB11BB

On March 15, 2019 the Canyon company announced — the smartwatch and fitness bracelets. The ergonomic fitness bracelet of CNE-SB11BB became the first ustroyst in a line.


According to the company, CNE-SB11BB is equipped color 0.96-inch with the TFT display with the resolution of 160х80 pixels. The device has degree of water tightness of IP67 and maintains short contacts with water. The accumulator with a capacity of 110 mA allows to use the gadget up to 10 days without additional charging. The device supports 7 languages, professional linguists worked on transfer that guarantees literacy of transfer.

CNE-SB11BB is equipped with sensors which define pulse, steps and sleep quality. Function of tracking of a dream allows to define its patterns, duration and phases that allows to improve quality of night rest.

Using Bluetooth the user can receive on a fitness bracelet of the notification on incoming calls, the SMS, messages on social networks and e-mails and also any other push-notifications from mobile devices. CNE-SB11BB will give a signal vibration, displaying necessary information on the screen.

About bracelets data are quickly transferred to specially developed application by the Canyon Canyon Fit command which is available to devices iOS and Android. The program sends notifications on the status of sports activity of the user to the mobile device. Also the application includes calendars where it is possible to look at statistics of the user on days and indicators during the trainings.

Canyon Fit detects the smart device and is connected to it, working uninterruptedly. Any smartwatch of a line Canyon can be connected to one application, without loading for new model additional software on the mobile device. If the user decides to change some smartwatch of the Canyon brand for others, the application will integrate statistics with earlier data retrieveds.

The Canyon Fit application corresponds to the General regulations on storage, processing and data protection of the European Union (GDPR). Personal data about users of the smartwatch and fitness bracelets of Canyon are under reliable protection.

CNE-SB11BB supports the multisport function: the built-in algorithm will calculate loading and the spent calories, according to the selected sport. CNE-SB11BB will be suitable for users who play cycling, football, basketball, badminton, table tennis, run or walking.