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Eaton Easy of the Relay of management

Developers: Eaton
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/05/14
Branches: Construction and industry of construction materials,  Electrical equipment and microelectronics,  Power

2019: Release of a line of programmable relays of management of easyE4

On May 14, 2019 the Eaton company provided a line of the relay of management of easyE4 which will expand a series of popular easy500, easy700 and easy800 models. Thanks to the universality and simplicity of solution easyE4, according to the producer, are suitable for the most different specialists — from the electricians who are engaged in management of power supply in residential buildings and to engineers on automation of power supply networks on large-scale productions. The intuitive software of easySoft 7 will help to implement simple tasks of management and supports more difficult software solutions providing high flexibility and process performance. At the same time the productive and reliable hardware, support of expansions and ample opportunities of connection allow to use the relay of management easyE4 in the different spheres earlier available only to a PLC, and the built-in Ethernet interface gives to users the chance to connect the solutions Eaton to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Eaton device of a line of programmable relays of management easyE4

As noted in Eaton, for ensuring high universality of the solution, each easyE4 mainframe is supplied with 4 digital output, 4 analog/digital 12-bit inputs and 4 digital inputs which can be used, for example, for connection of modern counters. Unlike standard 10-bit sign-ins, the 12-bit version allows to provide more exact management of all system. All inputs of the relay can also be used as interruption inputs. It means that the procedure of interruption in a system can be started at approach of a certain event in the counter mode, on time or at achievement of the specified boundary values. In combination with support of NET, it allows the relay to reach the speed of the reaction comparable to indicators of specialized microcontrollers. One more possibility of a line of easyE4 — support of radio signals of DCF77. It provides the high accuracy of counting of time/date and their regular automatic update, for example, upon transition to winter and whether daylight saving time.

Thanks to expansion units each mainframe can support up to 188 inputs and outputs. To simplify use of the easyE4 relay in the different industries and scenarios, solutions and analog/digital expansion units to them can be used in networks with direct, alternating and direct/alternating current. Expansion units are connected to a front part of the solution by means of the connector easyConnector which simplifies their installation and dismantling. Using only 14 options of a combination of mainframes and expansion units, the company reduced the number of versions of ready-made solutions in comparison with the previous generation of the relay of management of easy, but at the same time broadened the sphere of their possible application. Thanks to it, according to Eaton, the company could achieve considerable cutting of costs for purchase and storage of solutions for clients.

According to the statement of the producer, support of installation in the mainframe of memory cards of the micro SD format opens ample opportunities for use of the relay and simplifies software updating and service of devices. Users will be able to install on the memory card in advance selected or independently written program which will be automatically loaded at its inclusion, or to use an empty seat on it for collecting and information storage about a system status. Also existence of the memory card will allow to customize the relay of management, for example, having saved on it a logo of the company which will be shown on the screen at turning on of the relay.

According to the producer, the built-in support of Ethernet allows to connect easyE4 to any standard to the router LAN/WLAN, to a repeater or the dLan system to use these solutions in systems industrial Internet of Things. Information arriving from the relay can be displayed or by means of web pages based on HTML5, or in the form of the visual panels created by means of the built-in web servers easy. Users will be able to create own panels for tracking of different parameters and to browse them from the smartphones, tablets or notebooks. Also via the Ethernet-display it is possible to connect to the relay directly, for example, using solutions with protocol ModBus TPC support. In addition, up to 8 easyE4 relays it is possible to integrate in a single network, using the Ethernet local area network and support of NET.

easyE4 line, according to Eaton, is suitable for different scenarios of application and the industries therefore in it devices for variable (from 85 to 264 C) and a direct current (24 V) and also the version for direct/alternating current with support of tension enter 12 or 24 V of permanent or 24 V of alternating current. Also the connected displays which can be used for demonstration of text messages, digital data and parameters or graphics images are available to all mainframes. Settings of the digital display can easily be changed by means of easySoft 7 software.

easySoft 7 software, according to the developer, intuitively and just in mastering therefore programming of the easyE4 relay does not represent complexity for users. For work they can select one of four programming languages. Schematic circuits are created by means of functional units, multi-stage circuits, own Eaton programming language or using language of the structured text (ST). ST is often applied in process automation and supports additional functions for the solution of more difficult tasks. In easySoft 7 there is a number of functional units, including data writing in the magazine, the minimum/maximum values, the module of the alarm signaling, the three-stage controller and sending email notifications in case of malfunctions at a system. It broadens the sphere of possible use of the relay from easyE4 line. Also users will be able to create own functional units, and the existing programs for lines of easy 500, 700 and 800 can easily be imported to easySoft 7.

"Thanks to a line of programmable relays of management of easyE4, clients of Eaton will be able to provide the high level of automation and management of production processes on the objects most of different function".