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Developers: KODOS - Security systems (Soyuzspetsavtomatika)
Technology: ACS - Control and management systems for access

The KODOS ACS based on controllers EU-304 provides secure access to office spaces of the company and also allows to control labor discipline of personnel. Putting the magnetic card to readers on doors, each employee "announces" a system the movements. Thanks to it, for example, it is possible to create reports on delay or exceeding of time of a lunch break.

Sets of KODOS on one access point provide:

  • access restriction on employees;
  • time recording;
  • accounting of guests;
  • issue of permanent and temporary admissions;
  • long independent operation of a system;
  • change of color and sound indication of readers.

A system is constructed by the principle "turn on and forget about problems".

One of its major parts - the controller with the built-in reserved power source. It is intended for management of two doors taking into account only entering, or one door taking into account both the entering, and leaving employees or guests. In one body there are a power source, the rechargeable battery and the controller which it is necessary just to turn on in the socket of 220 V.

The device equips access points where the high autonomy of a system is required. The maximum number of users - 25000. So many unique access cards can be used at the same time. The maximum quantity of events - 18000. So many events can be stored in memory of the controller. At overflow of memory the earliest events will begin to be rubbed clean.

In composition - the network controller intended for connection to the preconfigured router. Respectively, and the router - the device which provides connection to the KODOS server. A system is also completed with the door sensor, the eletromagnitny lock, readers of contact cards and the button of an exit.

Functioning is ensured by the enclosed software which allows to expand as required without problems a system to 10 access points.

Data are stored and processed in 'A cloud of security of KODOS'. In the same place there is report generation, and all service is performed by specialists of KODOS company that allows the client not to buy the separate computer for providing the ACS, not to hold round the clock included in it, not to hire the non-core specialist, but at the same time to receive all necessary reports in a necessary format worldwide where there is an Internet access.