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Developers: PROMT
Date of the premiere of the system: November 7, 2019

2019: Start of a system of PROMT.One

On November 7, 2019 the PROMT company started a new cloud system for private users – PROMT.One. A system integrates mobile applications for iOS and Android and a free online service. Among new opportunities – transfer on the basis of neural networks for Russian, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and other languages and also PREMIUM subscription, giving even more opportunities.

Possibilities of an online service

The online service of PROMT.One allows not only to translate words, phrases and fragments of texts from one language on another, but also helps with studying of languages. In the section Dictionary it is possible to watch transfers of words, set expressions and idioms, a transcription and pronunciation, in the section of "A word form" - to get acquainted with times and forms of the English, German, Spanish, French and Russian verbs, in Contexts - to learn how the word on the example of real offers with transfers is used.

Can use an online service as registered, and the non-authorized users, however registration gives more opportunities. So, having specified email and the password or having confirmed the account in social networks, the user can synchronize content added to "My transfers" on service with Favorites in mobile application on iOS and on Android.

PROMT.One for iOS and Android

Free mobile PROMT Translator.One is available in AppStore and Google Play. Mobile application includes translation functions, the dictionary and the phrasebook, works in the Dialog mode, giving the chance to communicate with foreigners on their mother tongue, will recognize and translates texts in photos, supports voice input and a postscoring and can save traffic in roaming. The version for iOS includes a widget for instant translation, is compatible to Apple Watch and allows to transfer messages to iMessage, and the application for Android displays the translation of the copied text on a panel of notifications.

PREMIUM opportunity

PREMIUM subscription giving enhanced capabilities is available to users of PROMT.One on iOS and Android: unlimited transfer in offline mode and lack of advertizing. The cost of a monthly subscription is 149 rubles, and annual – 1090 rubles. Within a week of a possibility of a subscription it is possible to test free of charge.

"The cloud translation system of PROMT.One – the convenient tool for those who often travel or work with people from the different countries", - Nikita Shablykov says, the commercial director of PROMT, - "it allows to communicate without language barriers: the phrasebooks embedded in mobile application will always prompt the necessary phrase, the Dialog mode will simplify communication even in unfamiliar language, and phototransfer will cope with unfamiliar signs, declarations. And from PREMIUM subscription giving an opportunity for work without connection to the Internet, the application can use anywhere: in the airplane, abroad in roaming, in the country – where connection can be unstable".