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QRate of payment processing center the System of the protected quantum communication

Developers: Russian Quantum Center (payment processing center, Russian Quantum Center, RQC), T8
Last Release Date: 2019/06/06
Technology: Cybersecurity - Means of enciphering



Demonstration of work of intercorporate quantum network

On June 6, 2019 Sberbank, Gazprombank, PwC and Russian Quantum Center showed work of the first intercorporate quantum network.

Installations of quantum distribution of a key of Russian Quantum Center provided a session of the protected video conferencing between stands of two banks and the international consulting company. The equipment supplied by Qrate company can become a basis for creation of the All-Russian multinodal network of secure communication for a banking system and a public sector.

Directly for video conference the fiber optic data transmission channel with double-sided enciphering was used. Keys for decoding of data were transferred on separate optical link using installations of quantum distribution of a key of payment processing center and Qrate. Thus high data protection was provided.

Tests of a system for quantum protection of data transmission on the fiber-optic communication line of Rostelecom

On January 29, 2019 Rostelecom reported that it successfully carried out the second test phase of the domestic equipment and solutions for the organization of quantum protection of data transmission on the operating communication fiber line (CFL). The Russian Quantum Center (RQC), QRate and S-Terra CSP companies became participants of testing.

Successful results of tests with involvement of several domestic manufacturers of the equipment on the operating infrastructure of Rostelecom confirmed that there are practically no technical restrictions for the organization of quantum protection of data transmission. It brings closer emergence of the commercial services based on quantum enciphering of transfer of crucial data. For example, it is important to our company to provide superreliable protection of channels between data centers where the major information systems both internal, and external customers are placed.
Boris Glazkov, vice president for strategic initiatives of Rostelecom

Sets of the equipment QRate and S-Terra CSP which participated in testing are completely manufactured in Russia and use the most modern technological solutions of both quantum distribution of keys, and data encryption in the high-loaded channels. In May, 2018 QRate and S-Terra CSP held laboratory testing of a hybrid quantum and classical system and provided the quantum protected data transmission from speed from 10 GB/page. Now this complex successfully passed tests on the Rostelecom company operating with the fiber-optic communication line connecting data center of M10 in Moscow and laboratory of the Skoltech university to Skolkovo.

Tests on the operating communication line show that the equipment QRate and our partners it is already completely ready to scaling – full implementation in daily practice. The next step – construction of multi-user quantum networks. We need to hurry because both in Europe, and in Asia quantum data protection already becomes the standard in the field of data protection.
Yury Kurochkin, technical director of QRate

The solutions for processing of quantum keys created by us allow to try to obtain the speed of distribution of keys sufficient for providing on average two subscribers on condition of change of a key once per second. The similar complex can be interesting to Rostelecom in terms of providing services on long-term protection of transmitted data using quantum communications.
Alexey Fedorov, head of group of payment processing center

Experts consider that quantum communications provide the best of existing degree of protection of data transmission. The technology of quantum communications is based on use of fundamental laws of quantum physics which cannot be bypassed. For enciphering key exchange within this technology single photons which statuses irrevocably change as soon as someone tries "read" them are used. Any attempt of interception will be right there detected and prevented.

2018: Tests of a system quantum and cryptographic information protection on a high-speed line of communication

In May, 2018 the representative S-Terra CSP reported to CNews that in Russia successful tests of a system quantum and cryptographic information protection on a high-speed line of the communication suitable for use in large data centers are for the first time carried out. Tests were carried out by specialists of manufacturing company of the cryptoequipment S-Terra CSP and Russian Quantum Center by request of Gazprombank.

Methods of quantum data protection are considered as the most well-tried remedy of information security support today. In this case a crucial element – cryptographic keys - are coded in quantum statuses of photons which are transferred on normal fiber optic lines. According to laws of quantum physics any attempt "spot" a key inevitably will change statuses of photons, and it will be detected at once by participants of a conversation. The Russian Quantum Center and its subsidiary company QRate develop quantum methods of data protection and already implemented a number of pilot projects, including for the benefit of Gazprombank.

For development of this technology it is necessary to integrate devices of quantum distribution of keys into the existing telecommunication infrastructure, including to ensure its functioning together with the domestic certified cryptographic equipment, to make possible operation of quantum devices on trunk lines of communication.

At the test stand consisting of two high-performance cryptogateways C-Terra Gateway 10G, devices of quantum communications QRate and the precision measuring generator of traffic Spirent (it is provided by PR Group company), the results confirming a possibility of use of the joint solution for protection of communication channels with capacity of 10 Gbit / c and more were received. During testing the protocol of development and transfer of quantum keys drafted earlier from the QRate device to security gateways C-Terra was used.

"The mechanism of quantum distribution of keys, certainly, is the perspective technology giving us confidence in receiving higher level of security at operation of means of cryptographic information protection. As the western practice, large European showed (in particular, Swiss) banks became one of the first who put at themselves into practice KRK. Such step logically fits into an image of the companies for which reliability – an image basis", – Egorkin Alexander, the head of the department of data protection of Gazprombank told.

"In our sale of the mechanism of import of KRK the possibility of adaptation allowing to increase cryptofirmness in process of growth of generation rate of keys in the quantum communication line is provided. At the same time, even at an exit of a quantum subsystem out of operation, the level of cryptofirmness will remain at the allowed level implemented by basic settings of the certified cryptogateway using algorithms of GOST and the IPSec protocol. It is extremely important, especially for communication lines with considerable losses", – Vladimir Zalogin, the director of the department of special projects S-Terra CSP noted.

"Quantum distribution of keys – technology which violently develops today around the world and Russia is one of leaders in this sphere. The cryptography and data protection – extremely sensitive area, and dependence in this sphere on foreign suppliers can be extremely risky. We are grateful to our partners who understand importance of development of the Russian technologies, and we calculate that in the near future quantum methods of protection will make our digital medium safer and more available", – the technical director of the company of QRate Kurochkin Yury noted.

2016: Payment processing center and T8: Beginning of joint development

T8 companies and Russian Quantum Center (both are residents of an IT cluster of Skolkovo Foundation) announced in the summer of 2016 the beginning of joint work over secure system of communication on the basis of technology of a quantum cryptography which can be used within the existing telecommunication infrastructure. The document on cooperation was signed by the CEO of payment processing center Yunusov Ruslan and the head of "T8" Vladimir Treshchikov.

The payment processing center since 2014 actively develops technologies of quantum communications. It is the method of ensuring data protection based on fundamental laws of physics. For data exchange within this technology single photons which statuses irrevocably change as soon as someone tries "read" them are used. Therefore imperceptibly it is impossible "overhear" information which is transferred on these channels. Specialists of payment processing center develop technologies of transfer of a quantum encryption key on distances up to 30 km that was recently shown on lines of the general access.

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Normal channels of communication are vulnerable as malefactors can imperceptibly be connected to a cable and consider transmitted data, including keys for enciphering. The data coded in statuses of single photons allow to transfer quantum technologies. If someone tries "overhear" negotiations, statuses of photons will change, and the message recipient will understand that there is a date leak. Imperceptibly fundamental laws of physics do not allow to consider statuses of photons.

Mass application of a method of quantum protection requires creation of the hybrid systems which will be able to use already existing telecommunication infrastructure and the equipment. Consolidation of developments of payment processing center and "T8" will allow to create similar commercial option of supersecure system of communication of the Russian production. "T8" is the only company in Russia which received the status of "the equipment of domestic origin" on the high-speed equipment (the status is issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation).

Ruslan Yunusov, CEO of Russian Quantum Center: "Integration of modern telecommunication systems and technologies of quantum data protection will allow us to create a product, unique on technical characteristics, which will be, undoubtedly, is demanded by the market".

Such development, on the one hand, considerably will increase security of the data transferred in telecommunication networks, and with another – will allow to provide the data exchange rates required today to 100 and 400 Gbps. For ensuring sufficient data transfer rate using methods of quantum communications it is necessary to use high-speed telecommunication systems therefore already proved fiber-optical platform of T8 company is the most perspective for creation of a new hybrid system.

Vladimir Treshchikov, company executive of "T8": "The developed system will allow to provide the highest degree of security of transmitted data for such exacting clients as financial institutions and public authorities. With pleasure I will note: similar projects show that Russia keeps up to date in the field of quantum communication".

From the perspective fields of practical use of "quantum" technologies the ideas of creation of "quantum computer", however, despite the progress made in recent years, before creation of a mass commercial product still far are most known to general public. Meanwhile, the same principle of "quantum complexity" is already used in modern information security systems, and in particular, during creation of absolutely protected transmission methods crypto - a key on optical systems of communication.