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VR Concept Instrument of virtual prototyping

The name of the base system (platform): VE VR Concept Engine
Developers: VR Concept (BP Concept)
Last Release Date: 2020/07/15
Technology: CAD


VR Concept is the Russian instrument of virtual prototyping allowing to arrange a three-dimensional function model of a product, using data from CAD - CAE-, CAM packets. Such method helps to approve the model of a product 1.5-2 times faster, to reduce the cost of a product and to reduce errors at joint work of designers, engineers, heads, especially on initial stages of the project.

VR Concept provides broad tool kit for work with a virtual digital prototype of future building, the car, the airplane, the vessel and any other difficult product at all stages of its development — from visualization of the business idea before carrying out virtual tests and making changes at a design stage.


as a part of the complete solution CSoft and VR Concept

Software developer for collective work with engineering data in virtual reality of VR Concepti CSoft company – the supplier and integrator of solutions for complex automation of project activity, technical document flow, management systems for engineering data and information modeling, signed the cooperation agreement. Announced this CSoft on July 15, 2020.

The companies agreed about inclusion of the VR Concept application in a product line which deliveries are performed by CSoft, and about integration of VR Concept into structure of the complete solution – as means of collective discussion of projects in virtual reality. Users will be able to work with 3D models of the developments not only in the systems of design now.

The complete solution VR Concept and Model Studio CS will allow to estimate ergonomics of future production facility in only several minutes, to fulfill the action plan in an emergency situation and also to discuss with colleagues from the different cities the digital double of the project in VR – via secure channels of connection and with observance of all requirements of IT security.

We are glad to cooperation with the Russian integrator. Very much we hope that the VR Concept application will help to appreciate results of creative efforts of each designer. The technology of virtual reality allows to gather regardless of location of the specialists participating in discussion of the project in uniform virtual space and to pay attention to each part — the CEO of VR Concept Denis Zakharkin comments.


the Partner agreement VR Concept and CSoft is the beginning of cooperation of two Russian companies aimed at solving of tasks in the field of design, construction and operation of objects of industrial and civil function, – the chief and technical executive of CSoft Igor Orelyana Ursua says.


Adding of mechanical and physical properties in virtual projects

On June 8, 2020 the Russian software developer for collective work with CAD and BIM as data in virtual reality of VR Concept released update which expands possibilities of interaction with virtual objects.

Now interaction with virtual objects became still realistichny: users can drop objects, put them at each other, roll on a surface and even to hang up on hooks. For this purpose it is enough to user to select property for specific objects. The added features for interaction with virtual objects in VR Concept increase efficiency of check of ergonomics of future project, doing this process by more visual that is important, for example, when testing passability of objects through doorways in premises or at assessment of more optimal configuration facilitating installation and service.

We implemented this functionality at the request of one of our clients — the associate director on Artyom Rykov's development, the Agrotechnical Holding company. We are very grateful to our customers for a feedback — it makes a contribution to development of our product,
notes the CEO of VR Concept Denis Zakharkin.

Besides, in upgraded version of VR Concept other options of measurements appeared. Now in addition to distance between two points, it is possible to measure quickly diameter of a circle and also width and height on a perpendicular.