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VE VR Concept Engine

Developers: VE Group (VEE Group)
Date of the premiere of the system: 2015/05/28

VR Concept Engine - Software of tool kit and complete functionality of work with virtual models at different stages of product lifecycle.

On May 28, 2015 the VE Group company submitted the first software package for work in virtual environment.

Representation of VR Concept Engine, 2015

The virtual prototype of a product with its functional simulation model allows to deploy the solution in the shortest possible time. The main objective solved within the platform – reduction of quantity and cost of errors at a design stage of any product: from packaging for FMCG goods to products of heavy mechanical engineering.

"More than 15 years the VE Group company acted as integrator and the partner of leaders of the industry of software for professional VR solutions, rendering services of localization and support of software products of world leading manufacturers. Analyzing relevant customers needs from Russia and the CIS and the offer of vendors, we came to a conclusion about need of creation of the new software solution which would answer essential tasks of the innovative companies", - Ilya Viger, the director of business development of VE Group commented on release of own product.

At process optimization of production, improvement of consumer properties and value of the products, VR Concept Engine provides for solving of tasks of prototyping to chief designers and program managers the tools allowing to create digital virtual prototypes, accelerating and simplifying activities for creation of products and reducing costs for development.

VR Concept Engine helps with creation and holding the most realistic presentations of virtual prototypes of products on a conceptual phase, it is demanded by marketing departments and sales, the top management of the companies.

The modern intuitive interface of the solution allows to begin work with it practically at once, paying attention to training only in specialized properties and functions.

The platform supports a broad spectrum of the most popular peripheral devices of input. Implementing solution happens to minimum flows on upgrade of control interfaces. The solution is completely compatible to Motion Capture technology, allows to model interaction of the person with the sketch, provides the return tactile communication, helping to imitate all range of human-computer interaction.

VR Concept Engine allows to eksplitsirovat 3D models from any CAD and SAI-APPLICATIONS without additional image processing, adapts the image for any output device:

Feature of the platform - implementation of reliable fizikomekhanichesky and kinetic object properties and coordination of results of supercomputer simulation with solid-state model. It levels need of creation of physical models and stands.

The productive graphic core without loss of quality and processing speed ensures VR Concept Engine functioning along with rather big 3D models, to save an unlimited number of versions, both final model, and the changed elements, it maintains functionality for carrying out the regular model commissions, using the operating valid model.

According to Ilya Viger, for May 28, 2015 VR Concept not only the most modern platform of virtual prototyping and prototyping, but also the solution of essentially new level. Chief designers, engineers, designers received tools for development of the mekhatronny products saturated with electronics. Other innovation of the solution - advanced functionality of product lifecycle management, up to utilization. The head assesses a possibility of flexible customization of software also positively.

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