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Center of prototyping of SPb


The center of prototyping of SPb - the company renders services in the field of additive technologies, modeling, prototyping of automatic equipment and virtual reality. The resident of technopark the Ingria is organized in 2016 as.

Specialists of the center of prototyping:

  • will help to create a product prototype
  • will show how to use the specialized equipment and programs
  • will help to create the first party of a product in our center
  • will provide the convenient working/educational location

CPU activities:

  • Additive prototyping is a rapid prototyping (Rapid Prototyping - RP), namely creation of a prototype on special technologies in few hours, but not days or weeks which are required for creation of prototypes on traditional technologies.
  • Solid modeling
  • Prototyping - quick "draft" implementation of basic functionality for job analysis of a system in general. At this stage the working system is created (perhaps inefficiently, with errors, and not fully). During prototyping more detailed picture of the device of a system is visible. It is used in mashino-and instrument making, programming and in many other areas of the equipment. After a prototyping stage stages of review of system architecture, development, implementation and testing of an end product surely follow.
  • The Virtual Reality (VR) (engl. virtual reality, VR), artificial reality - the world (objects and subjects) created by technical means transmitted to the person through his feelings: sight, hearing, sense of smell, touch and others. Virtual Reality imitates both influence, and reactions to influence. Computer synthesis of properties and reactions of virtual reality is made for creation of a convincing complex of feelings of reality in real time.
  • Industrial design — area of art and technical activity which purpose is determination of formal qualities of industrially made products, namely, their structural and functional features and appearance. The industrial design as a type of activity includes elements of art, marketing and technology and covers the wide range of objects, from house utensils to hi-tech, knowledge-intensive products. The industrial design is a design of products from the idea and the sketch before serial production.

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