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Global Association of Virtual Reality (GVRA)


Acer Starbreeze companies Google, HTC VIVE, Oculus (a part of the company Facebook), Samsung and Sony Interactive Entertainment announced in December, 2016 creation of the international non-profit association of producers of helmets of virtual reality (VR) which will allow to develop this direction together. The global Association of Virtual Reality (GVRA) will be engaged in development and promotion of the advanced techniques in the industry and also to provide interaction between concerned parties, including the state and private companies worldwide.

The purpose of GVRA — to contribute to the development and implementation of the VR standards around the world. Members of association are going to conduct researches, to develop and publish the advanced techniques, and with development of the industry — to integrate her representatives in uniform international VR community. It will allow to create a valuable resource concerning VR technologies for users, authorities and the interested enterprises.

In the long term the systems of virtual reality are capable to provide the functional IT platform for the most different industries of world economy — from education to health care, promoting further economic progress. Thanks to researches, development of the advanced techniques and the international cooperation participants of GVRA are going to open and implement all potential of VR technologies and also to promote distribution of achievements in this sphere worldwide.

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