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Implementation of InStock WMS on the warehouses "Arlayt" increased the speed of shipments by 20%

Customers: Arlight Group

Moscow; Trade

Product: InStock WMS (IsWMS)
На базе: Java

Project date: 2019/01  - 2019/06

On July 11, 2019 the InStock Technologies company reported that InStock WMS is implemented on warehouses of Arlayt LLC company.

It was required to carry out automation of two warehouses to short terms. For this purpose optimum the implementation methodology Easy start approached. This methodology gives further the chance to the customer independently to configure nuances of business processes without involvement of programmers. Such settings are carried out thanks to functionality of the Automation of the First Warehouse of the Company InStock WMS system lasted 1 month, and the second warehouse was automated within 3 months.

Features of orders of lighting products required to consider products on lot-based to signs, including the svetokharakteristiki.

Also tasks of Instock WMS included optimization of storage on AVS of an ukhodimost, automation of data exchange with ERP.

The Arlayt company uses different delivery modes of loads to clients and, with respect thereto, different business processes of shipments are used.

Pallets for shipment can form under the specific order or, in case of shipment at own expense, contain a box for different orders. If the mixed pallets for shipment at own expense form, then in business processes interwarehouse movements are used. InStock WMS optimized selection processes and shipments for different delivery types therefore errors of shipment and a resort on lot-based to signs were reduced to 100%

Close integration with an ERP system of the client allowed to construct effective management of merchandising in all options of situations.

As a result of InStock WMS system implementation on warehouses of Arlayt company the speed of shipments increased by 20%, the accuracy of accounting of a remaining balance of a warehouse up to 100% increased, and the speed of selection of goods on a certain batch increased by 200%.