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The retail chain stores Cranes implemented a smart loyalty system of Loymax.

Customers: Cranes of group of companies

Bryansk; Trade

Contractors: Loymax Solution
Product: Loymax Platform of automation of programs of loyalty

Project date: 2018/01  - 2018/05

On May 14, 2019 the Loymax company announced implementation of the loyalty program in retail chain stores Cranes of the city of Bryansk.

At the beginning of 2018 the retail chain stores Cranes addressed Loymax company with a task not just to implement the loyalty program, and to create a unique product for work with buyers and a possibility of effective assessment of daily obtained data, with the subsequent their use for sales increase.

The choice of Zhuravli company stopped on Loymax on the basis of a number of factors. First, the client was guided by wide experience of the company in implementation of programs of loyalty in the field of FMCG. The second factor was existence of integration with cash software of the client – UKM that reduced terms and implementation cost of a product. As one more criterion existence of ready mobile application from Loymax which assembly and customization takes no more than two weeks served and does not require the essential investments. At the same time mobile application gives the chance to partially reduce costs of the company on the plastic card issue and to reduce costs for communications with buyers and partners. Easy and clear integration with a system, existence of the modern and demanded by buyers services (virtual cards, integration with social networks, chat-bots and so forth) and broad functionality of the product – all this pushed to make the defining choice for the company for benefit of Loymax. The contact center on the party of Loymax company which undertook all issues of direct interaction with buyers and solutions of all questions arriving from them became addition.

Harmonious work of a project team from Loymax and specialists of Zhuravli network promoted that in March, 2018 a final part of technical implementation was executed. In April all necessary mechanics were configured in a system and pilot testing on one of objects of retail chain stores before start of the loyalty program in commercial operation is begun. At the end of May, after obtaining positive results of a pilot project, the decision on replication of the loyalty program in all shops of network was made.

As of May, 2019 the loyalty program in retail chain stores Cranes works as house. It is in the future going to make it partner and coalition. The configuration of a software platform Loymax allows to be integrated easily with different partners and to configure as uniform conditions for buyers in all partner network, and personal promotional mechanics of each certain partner. It is implemented and successfully the loyalty program works with simultaneous use of bonus and discount mechanics, incentive campaigns with issue and printing on the check of coupons are entered, actions with lottery mechanics are carried out. "Cranes" aim to use as much as possible existing functionality of Loymax. Effective work with clients is promoted: clear BI analytics, a referral system, various communication channels and readiness of specialists of Loymax to come to the rescue in the arising questions.

In retail chain stores Cranes separately noted ample opportunities of BI analytics of Loymax, namely, the architecture of Loymax allows to connect different data sources, to clean and structure information. It allows to monitor key indicators of efficiency of sales in general and the loyalty program separately and also to quickly adjust marketing campaigns, to replicate the most successful cases. The basic, descriptive and predictive analytics on clients respectively reflects a situation that happens to a client asset, creates profiles of buyers to build model of future behavior. Thus, the tool with which analysis department and service of marketing of retail chain stores Cranes effectively works became a project deliverable.

"For 2018 we collected the customer base in 150 thousand., at the same time a share of active buyers - 100 thousand. If to consider that the population of Bryansk makes 500 thousand people, then 20% of the population of the city use our loyalty program. For the city of such size it is the excellent indicator reached less than for a year of a program runtime of loyalty. One of advantages of the Loymax platform is the effective mechanism of control of share value and the preconfigured dashborda of KPI of the loyalty program using which the owner can simply and visually see business indicators at any time. Our company received a qualitative product and good support on behalf of the partner of Loymax".

Oleg Derbushev, technical director of Zhuravli network

In plans of Zhuravli network costs and for May, 2019 the problem of creation of the draft of the Uniform loyalty program for residents of Bryansk – the so-called "Uniform card of inhabitants" of Bryansk in which it is going to integrate different partners using one card already partially began to be implemented. These are housing sectors, banks, trading partners, networks of public catering and so forth. And then residents will have an opportunity, having at themselves only one card, to receive bonuses and discounts and also an opportunity to pay different city services and every time to receive benefit.

"We hope that we using the Loymax platform will be able to simplify life to residents of our city and to make payment of different services and daily purchases of the simplest and profitable to the population of Bryansk. So far "The uniform card of inhabitants" in Bryansk was not similar, and we believe in success of this project".

Oleg Derbushev, technical director of Zhuravli network

According to representatives of retail chain stores Cranes, the loyalty program gives considerable inflow of clients, actions thanks to high professionalism of commands of both companies and broad functionality of Loymax effectively work.