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For the first time the operator transferred to broadband access of 100% of a core of network for the Russian equipment

Customers: Ecotelecom

Moscow; Telecommunication and communication

Product: EcoRouter
Second product: EcoBRAS
Third product: EcoQoE

Project date: 2016/05  - 2019/05

Large commercial internet-provider "Ecotelecom" replaced 100% infrastructures of a core of network for The Russian the equipment RDP.RU.

For the first time the operator transferred to broadband access 100% of a core of network for the Russian equipment.

Replacement concerned boundary routers (BGP ASBR), CG-NAT, DPI and URL- filterings, BRAS (IPoE PPPoE), QoE (a quality control system of client experience), aggregation routers.

That distinguishes the serious producer of telecommunication equipment from niche is an existence of a complete product line and the solutions allowing the operator to build the most responsible and high-loaded section of network and to provide service of high quality and availability. Enormous competitive advantage of domestic manufacturer - in the speed of reaction to requests of clients, readiness to quickly finish the existing functionality and to expand it depending on requirements of customers.
Sergey Nikulin, CEO of RDP.RU

{{the quote|the author = Sergey Savchuk, the Development director, Ecotelekom company|First of all it is possible to note that upon transition to domestic network solutions any of ours of more than 70,000 subscribers had no problems as the provided services. Our transition historically looked as follows. At the beginning of 2016 the first products which took the place in our racks of steel of the device of broadcast of the addresses CG-NAT the reason is banal – the IP addresses ceased to be enough for us. URL filtering implementation, according to requirements of Roskomnadzor was the next stage. It did not cause special labor costs as for inclusion of this functionality just it was required to replace a firmware on the equipment which is already installed by CG-NAT. Further we were puzzled with need of increase in loyalty of subscribers and to decrease in natural outflow by implementation of QoE-functionality.} }

In 2016 all Cisco Ericsson BRAS ASR 1000, Redback were replaced with EcoBRAS.

In 2017 a part of IP/MPLS of Juniper aggregators was replaced with EcoROUTER 216.

In 2017 one of boundary Cisco 7606 routers was replaced with EcoROUTER 1004.

In 2019 the last import Cisco 7606 router was replaced with EcoROUTER 1004.

Reconstruction allowed to refuse an excess rack: if earlier 2 racks and up to 10 kW of power supply were required, then now all equipment occupies 6RU and consumes up to 2.4 kW. Besides, the company got support, a possibility of replacement of the equipment in 1 business day and also got rid of risks of depreciation of the ruble.

According to Minpromtorg the equipment RDP.RU is given the status of the telecommunication equipment made in the territory of the Russian Federation (TORP). Today there are 49 enterprises which have the status TORP. We polled some representatives of the Russian vendors and telecom operators about their opinion concerning reality of transition of telecom operators to domestic solutions.

the Equipment of the Russian producers is widely used on access networks of G-PON and Ethernet — both on access nodes, and on subscriber's side. The equipment fulfilled is inferior nothing to foreign analogs, allows to render telecommunication services qualitatively. Almost completely on the Russian networks the domestic equipment closes a traffic filtering segment according to the register of RKN. In particular, AKADO Telecom successfully uses filtering system of traffic of the Russian vendor. More and more on networks the Russian solutions BRAS and CG-NAT are implemented.

As for use of the Russian equipment on trunk IP/MPLS networks, large operators give preferences to "classical" foreign producers now. But, in view of a course towards import substitution and adoption of law on critical information infrastructure, it is necessary to expect growth of interest of operators in the domestic equipment.


The ELTEX enterprise started development of the Russia's first equipment of the kernel level of network in 2015 and only 3 years later successfully brought the device to the domestic market. The equipment passed successful test at a number of corporate customers. During operation under loading the router showed stability of the solution, compatibility with routers of network of other producers, compliance to requirements of the customer and to the stated characteristics. It means that already today it is possible to carry out import substitution of IP/MPLS devices at the level of regional networks.

Transition to domestic solutions in the field of traffic handling do not seem to us mythical any more. In 2018 we passed to the Russian CG-NAT and are completely happy with its stable work. In the next year we are going to pass to domestic BRAS and routers.
Mikhail Sizov, deputy CEO for IT, ElektroSvyaz company