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Acronis became the official partner of the San Diego Padres baseball team in cyber defense

Customers: San Diego Padres

Contractors: Acronis (Akronis)
Product: Acronis Backup 12

Project date: 2020/01

2020: The beginning of cooperation for data protection and optimization of information processes

On January 13, 2020 the Acronis company announced the beginning of technology partnership with the American professional baseball club San Diego Padres. Within the long-term agreement Acronis will provide to a solution command, developed for data protection and optimization of information processes. It will allow club to increase efficiency both on a game field, and beyond its limits.

At the heart of technologies and solutions of Acronis the principle known as Five vectors of cyber defense — safety, availability, confidentiality, authenticity and security (SAPAS) lies. It provides security of data, applications and systems and also their availability to continuous current activity of the companies and the organizations.

San Diego Padres will use solutions of Acronis for protection of tens virtual machines ESXi and hundreds of jobs Microsoft Office 365. Acronis will provide simple, effective and reliable cyber defense for systems, applications and more than 400TB of a valuable information command.

Baseball, as well as all other popular sports, more and more it is necessary on data. Confidence in reliability of our information became basic requirement of club, and Acronis has a successful experience in providing solutions of the cyber defense necessary for security of our data,


In modern sport for collecting of scientific data use improbable technologies. From high-precision accelerometers to high-speed cameras — to achieve the maximum results of players in the field and it was never so simple to implement the most effective tactics. Solutions of Acronis provide protection of data necessary for this purpose and increase confidence in authenticity and integrity of information. We are very glad to cooperation with San Diego Padres club which is fully aware of importance of cyber defense and shows aspiration to information security (#CyberFit),


The beginning of partnership it was officially announced on January 11, 2020.