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Softline estimated a condition of a cloud environment in "Vizorlabs" using Azure Health Checkup service

Customers: VizorLabs (Vizorlabs)

Moscow; Information technologies

Contractors: Softline
Product: Softline Azure Health Checkup

Project date: 2019/10  - 2020/04

2020: Providing Softline Azure Health Checkup service

On May 20, 2020 announced Softline providing Azure Health Checkup service to Vizorlabs company for check of a status of a cloud environment. As a result the client – one of the Russian developers of solutions in the field of video analytics and computer vision, – received not only the exhaustive report on functioning of infrastructure of Azure, but also professional recommendations about its complex optimization. Readiness of Softline to effectively use all Azure tools for satisfaction of customers needs is confirmed with the international status Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) received at the end of 2019.

Softline successfully implements projects which cornerstone the solutions created by Vizorlabs company using the Microsoft Azure platform are. Over time the developer had a need for the deep analysis of a status of this cloud infrastructure and efficiency evaluation of all costs connected with its operation. In the environment of Azure for May, 2020 well to more than 300 services. To monitor emergence of cloud services, to understand their features, to control change of tariff plans, expenses and so on, it is necessary to have high examination in the field of technologies of Microsoft. For this reason the Vizorlabs company addressed to Softline.

Having connected to the Azure environment, the Softline Cloud Management platform accumulated and transferred information on the level of its efficiency to experts of Softline. Specialists estimated optimization of license costs, architecture, security and compliance of cloud infrastructure to accepted standards, performance of a cloud environment and operating expenses.

Thanks to Azure Health Checkup service we received a detailed report about a status of our cloud infrastructure from Softline company. Shortcomings on which IT specialists of "Vizorlabs" will work are revealed. Let's tell, for our solution in the field of computer vision expensive virtual machines with the modules GPU were required. The research showed that these machines it is unceasing worked even while our customers did not use services. Resources of the Azure platform were spent irrationally. Besides, specialists of Softline formulated recommendations for gain of security measures. In particular, they offered the correct role model of access and model of integration with local infrastructure. At last, and I want to highlight it, the monitoring dashborda showing compliance to recommendations in the field of security were developed


Within the affiliate program of ISV we not simply advance solutions of the Vizorlabs developer on the Russian IT market. Our specialists help the company to systematize architecture of applications, to increase examination in the field of infrastructure cloud-technologies. Thanks to it our mutually beneficial cooperation only gains every year steam. It is sure that the project implemented by us will continue to develop. And the speech, most likely, will go about use in the solutions "Vizorlabs" of Azure services based on artificial intelligence instead of virtual machines,
shared plans for the future the head of sales of solutions of Azure in Softline Egor Bavykin