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Nemkin Anton Igorevich

Anton Nemkin: digital valleys are the path to the development of IT technologies in Russia

Support the creation of digital products and services useful for the Perm Territory, educational centers, promote the digitalization of cultural and creative projects, and develop photonics technologies that replace electronics. Such goals were determined for his new Digital Valley Perm by IT entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist Anton Nemkin. He specially moved to the Urals in early 2021 to build here the same thing that he already created in Sochi two years ago. Moreover, then that now a businessman finances such projects exclusively from his own funds and private investment, without resorting to public financing.

The Way in Life and the Way in Business

Thirty-eight-year-old Russian businessman and investor has been engaged in the development and promotion of digital products since 2016. Born in Maykop in the family of a soldier, Anton received a higher engineering education at Adygea State University, where he became interested in the study of computer technology. After serving after university, he served in the Federal Security Service, after graduating from the FSB Academy in 2016, he went to the reserve to fully focus on IT activities.

The first unique product after Nemkin founded his own mobile content development business was the Seraphim messenger. Its basic advantage, which made this application an important domestic alternative to imported products, was the high level of communication protection. This allows you to use the messenger in the banking sector, in corporate correspondence, where guaranteed security of user data is important. No wonder the Central Bank of the Russian Federation immediately after the appearance of the product in 2019 began to consider the possibility of integrating it with its own fast payment system. Moreover, Seraphim, as a universal messenger, can be built into any system and also supports the function of money transfers. Industry experts expect that in the near future the application may be in demand by customers of financial institutions as an alternative to online banks.

The very next year after joining the IT business, Anton Nemkin became the founder of the Atom Fund. The goal of the organization, which brought together specialists in the field of management, economics and information technology, was declared the development of domestic information products and the promotion of digitalization in the economy and public life of the country. The fund, in which Nemkin headed the board of trustees, focused on attracting investments in promising projects to create IT products and services for public administration, education, science, industry and the social sphere. foundation.

In 2018, Anton Nemkin became a representative of the Council for the Development of the Digital Economy of the Federation Council. The task of the structure is to distribute and introduce domestic digital products and platforms in the regions of Russia.

Digital Valleys - the Way to the IT Future

Nemkin launched his first digital valley project in 2019 in Sochi. Here, with the assistance of the city administration, several sites for the work of IT specialists were organized - a number of well-equipped laboratories, a testing ground for products. By the way, both digital developers from Russia and Russian specialists living abroad became participants in the project.

Preference for financing is given to developments in the field of artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, that is, projects underway at the forefront of the modern digital revolution. Moreover, teams working on domestic software take advantage of the chances.

The most promising and interesting startups have already received support from the fund in the amount of 5 million rubles.

In addition to working sites, Sochi Digital Valley provides a place for regular informal meetings, where experts discuss topics related to digitalization in the country. In addition, the Digital Microscope children's online camp operates on the same platform. Here, students study programming in Scratch environments, on the basis of which computer games are created. And what can be more attractive - and in the future more effective for future work in the field of IT - for the younger generation than creating your own toy with your own hands? And if she also begins to be in demand - then you are already a ready-made IT entrepreneur.

In other words, in such digital valleys - and Perm has become a further development of Sochi - the future is already happening today. And not only technology, but - above all - young talented, daring people.

He himself - from the daring

Anton Nemkin is seriously interested in car racing, piloting a Honda Civic racing car. In 2017, he created the Motor Sharks team.

The businessman considers his duty to help people. Together with his wife, they are engaged in charity work. The couple provides support to low-income large families affected by the economic consequences of coronavirus restrictions. At the height of the pandemic, the Nemkin couple purchased personal protective equipment and handed it over to hospitals.