MTT has developed a digital assistant for the Institute of International Economic Relations

Customers: Institute of International Economic Relations (IMES)

Moscow; Education and science

Product: MTT VoiceBox

Project date: 2021/10  - 2022/04

2022: Digital Assistant Development

On May 12, 2022, MTT JSC announced the development of a digital assistant for the Institute of International Economic Relations (IMES) in Moscow. The voice robot, assembled on the MTT VoiceBox platform, will not only automate communications with applicants, but also reduce the costs of the acceptance commission by 2 times.

IMES decided to entrust the digital assistant from MTT with the routine, but important task of communicating with applicants: the voice robot calls those who left the application and finds out whether it is relevant for him to get an education, as well as whether he needs advice from a specialist of the reception commission. In real time, the digital assistant sends information to the university's database and generates a report, helping members of the admissions commission prioritize further work with applicants.

Like most universities, in the midst of the admissions campaign, IMES is faced with a sharply increased number of appeals: if in winter about 1000 applications are received by the admissions commission per month, then in the peak summer months this number reaches 15 thousand. At the same time, it is possible to determine whether the one who left the request through the site and other sites is a target applicant only by calling him and asking a number of questions.

According to representatives of the university, the digital assistant from MTT at the peak of the reception campaign replaces up to 6 call center operators and at the same time increases conversion by 200%.

The big plus of the voice system VoiceBox is the speed of deployment and the flexibility of scaling, "commented Ivan Artemyev, MTT Product Director. - Depending on the needs of the organization, the system can automate dialogues with dozens of subscribers, or maybe with thousands. The robot is able to initiate 300 calls per minute or 18 thousand per hour. The use of a voice assistant will allow the institute to save not only money on staff, but also time to establish contacts with applicants.

Calling applications manually would take our managers weeks and make them wait for those who are really interested in receiving information and entering our university as soon as possible, "commented Daria Yevtushenko, head of the department for promoting educational services and attracting IMES customers. - The robot simultaneously calls on five telephone lines of 3000 subscribers per day and does it not only quickly, but also qualitatively: as our statistics show, 70% of subscribers respond positively to the voice assistant. I believe that the digital assistant from MTT is a convenient and highly effective tool for organizations that face seasonal peak loads.

The MTT VoiceBox platform allows you to assemble a robot depending on the specifics and needs of a particular organization. At the same time, the platform interface is so simple that any specialist without programming skills can work in it. The robot is assembled from ready-made functional blocks: incoming and outgoing calls, speech recognition and synthesis, interactive menu, logical processing, forwarding, integration with an external database. The voice robot can be integrated with most CRM systems, such as Bitrix24 or amoCRM, which allows you to quickly generate reports and improve the quality of service.