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Data Science data science

Data Science is the professional activity connected with effective and most reliable search of patterns in data, extraction of knowledge from data in an aggregated form and also their design in the type suitable for processing by concerned parties (people, program systems, control devices) for the purpose of acceptance of reasoned decisions.


What is Data Science?

The mathematical and algorithmic methods optimized for effective detection of difficult patterns

Generally speaking, Data Science is a set of specific disciplines of the different directions which are responsible for data analysis and search of optimal solutions on their basis. Earlier only mathematical statistics was engaged in it, then began to use machine learning and artificial intelligence which as data analysis methods added optimization and computer science to a matstatistika (i.e. to the information scientist, but in a broader sense, than it can be understood in Russia)[1].

Structure of Data Science of the Project
Structure of Data Science of the Project

Data Science - as it works?


Traditional risks of Data Science of projects

  • The high realization value of the project will lead to financial losses (will not pay off)
  • The lack of the detailed reporting under the project will not allow to report on the spent means or to make the correct decision on continuation of the project
  • Implementation of the closed algorithm or the program ("Black box") will make impossible further change or upgrade of the project external or internal resources

Data Science in production realities

  • Difficult and long process in time
  • Deep understanding of data domain is required
  • Different frequency of removal of data and not everything is digitized
  • There is no end-to-end control and fixing of events of technical process
  • Trust to model from technologists and operators
  • For checks of model experiments with real-time data on production are required

Data scientist (data scientist)

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Why Data Scientist is more sexual, than the BI analyst

Due to growth of popularity of data science (DS) there are two obvious questions. The first – in what consists qualitative difference of this recently created scientific direction from the business intelligence direction (BI) existing several decades and actively used in the industry? The second - perhaps more important from the practical point of view - with what functions of specialists of two related specialties data scientist and BI analyst differ? In the material prepared especially for TAdviser these questions are answered by the journalist Leonid Chernyak.