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Almamat (Almamat Rus)


Science and education
Since 2020
Central Federal District of the Russian Federation
123557, Presnensky Val, 27, building 1, room XX/11


Almamat is an IT the accelerator working on the revenue share model.


2020: $100 thousand investments from Renat Batyrov who took Senior Adviser position

Renat Batyrov, the CEO of Technopark Skolkovo, invested $100 thousand in Almamat company — the career IT accelerator working on the revenue share model: instead of payment for education graduates will deduct two years to a startup monthly percent from the salary. Investments are going to be enclosed in development of the project which main objective — training in IT professions with the subsequent employment in the specialty. The Almamat company reported about it on June 25, 2020.

Renat Batyrov also took Senior Adviser position in Almamat. On this post he will help a startup to solve a number of investment and financial problems: from the organization of operating activities before attraction of the next investments.

I am very glad to become a part of this command which is headed by true professionals — the CEO of Technopark Skolkovo Renat Batyrov says. — during rapid development of Edtech, it is extremely important to support such young people and interesting projects as Almamat. Founders found really the innovative solution, having begun to invest in the students. Over time it can completely change idea of education, having created clear and relevant criterion of its quality — successful employment.

Before Batyrov's participation the company could already attract investments in the amount of $250 thousand from a number of entrepreneurs among whom there are founders of the Vinci Agency PR-agency Alexander Izryadnov and Maria Lapuk.

The company announced a format of work on the revenue share model at the beginning of 2020 — along with start of the program developed jointly with specialists from Silicon Valley. On the first flow of the program about 100 students study. Training takes place by the principles of Lean Education and Crowd Learning that assumes absence of teachers and textbooks, work on real projects and improvement of soft skills.

I very much am proud of the fact that Almamat is highly appreciated so from people, famous in our industry. For us it is the sign that at the company really big future — the initiator of start of Almamat, the CEO and the co-founder of the project Dmitry Green comments. — In fact, our model of training is based on the same principle: we invest only in those students in whom we believe — therefore for transfer on the program it is necessary to pass the selection stage helping to eliminate those who came for show and is not ready to direct all efforts to the development. Now it is possible to claim that Almamat passed the conditional "selection stage", having got approval from the market. And it is unconditional, we are aimed to justify this confidence completely.