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JSC Chelyabenergosbyt was registered 1/31/2005 in Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service for Sovetsky district of Chelyabinsk. The company is created as a result of reorganization of JSC Chelyabenergo in the form of selection according to the solution of annual general shareholder meeting JSC Chelyabenergo. JSC Chelyabenergosbyt is the main power supplying enterprise of Chelyabinsk region which territory makes 87.9 thousand square kilometers.

Core activities of JSC Chelyabenergosbyt are:

  • purchase of electrical energy on wholesale and retail markets of electrical energy
  • implementation of electrical energy on wholesale and retail markets of electrical energy to consumers (including to citizens)
  • rendering services to the third parties, including on collecting of payments for the sold goods and the rendered services
  • diagnostics, operation, repair, replacement and check of measuring instruments and accounting of electrical and thermal energy
  • rendering services in the organization of commercial accounting
  • providing utilities to the population
  • development, organization and holding energy saving actions;
  • accomplishment of functions of the guaranteeing supplier on the basis of decisions of authorized bodies investment activities
  • rendering the consulting and other services connected with implementation of electrical energy to legal entities and physical persons

Information technologies in Chelyabenergosbyt

The basic supported business processes

  • Subscriber accounting;
  • Calculation of amounts of consumption and amounts of charges to residential consumers and legal entities;
  • Calculation of penalties for delay of payments of residential consumers and legal entities;
  • Accounting of payment of residential consumers and legal entities;
  • Accounting and assessment of correctness of the arriving control indications;
  • Interaction with third parties regarding integration of information flows;
  • Organization of works on collecting receivables and coordination of works on removal of control indications by the staff of the company;
  • On-line services of interaction with consumers (the website, a personal account, chat-bots);
  • Accounting and tax accounting;
  • Personnel records and payroll of staff of the company;
  • Budgeting;
  • Formalization of business processes, creation of the uniform knowledge base of the company;
  • Formation and printing of receipts for residential consumers, accounts and invoices for legal entities;
  • Filling of the centralized storage of electronic documents.

System of subscriber accounting and billing of Oracle Utilities Customer Care & Billing (CC&B)

  • Subscriber accounting and monthly settlement of charges more than on 1.4 million residential consumers and 45 thousand legal entities;
  • Maintaining settlement schemes;
  • Calculation of ODN, privileges;
  • Calculation of not balance for the house and distribution of ODN to FL and YUL;
  • Calculation of privileges;
  • Accounting of payments of subscribers of FL;
  • Conducting claim activities for subscribers of FL;
  • Calculation of a penalty fee, state fee, acts of non-accounting consumption of individuals;
  • Maintaining information on bankruptcy of FL;
  • Formation and unloading of information in third parties: payment acceptance, OKU, USZN agents, network organizations, regional operators of an overhaul and appeal of TKO, etc.;
  • Integration with other systems of the company (OeBS, the Personal account, etc.);
  • Integration into the intermediate GIS server of housing and public utilities;
  • Formation of the receipts FL and invoices SPINNING TOPS given for printing;
  • Import of data on rates;
  • Maintaining information on FL metering devices and YUL, ODPU;
  • Service calculation "overhaul";
  • Service calculation "address with TKO" (garbage).

Storage system of indications of Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management (MDM) metering devices

  • Accumulates all arriving indications (from the network organizations, from receipts, from a personal account, from IVR, etc.);
  • Estimates correctness of the received indications;
  • Transfers the final indication with the maximum priority in CC&B for carrying out the most exact and correct charges.

System of Oracle E-Business Suite (OeBS)

Consists of modules:

  • Ledger: Formation of accounting entries from financial modules. Formation of tax statements.
  • Personnel management – organizational and regular structures, personnel records, advanced training, a talent pool, applicants, etc.
  • Salary – salary accrual
  • The sheet – a time recording, holidays, hospital, etc.
  • Debtors – accounting of charges and payment of consumers e/e and other debtors. Calculation of debts, charges of penalties. Financial statements.
  • Creditors – accounting of invoices, payments, formation of payment documents. Financial statements
  • Fixed assets – fixed asset accounting, depreciation, etc.
  • Money – accounting of cash flow on accounts. Electronic Data Interchange with banks.
  • Treasury – registration and approval of requests, the payment schedule, management of payments, etc.
  • BARS – Formation of accounting records according to the legislation
  • The Russian Federation Stocks – an inventory control

Budgeting system of Oracle Hyperion Planning

Hyperion Planning is the specialized solution  for problems of planning and budgeting based on multidimensional view of economic information and the organization of effective interaction of participants of budget process.

Budgets of PJSC Chelyabenergosbyt which planning is conducted in Hyperion Planning:

  • Budget of intraeconomic expenses
  • Budget of an other expenses
  • Budget of the repair program
  • The cost budget on compensation
  • Budget of an investment program
  • Budget of an other income
  • Budget of sale for primary activity
  • Budget of purchase of the electric power and power
  • Budget of services in electric power transmission
  • Budget of cash flow

Personal account of subscribers of FL and YUL

Service enjoys popularity among subscribers — in a personal account more than 400 thousand people are registered.


  • Transfer indications of PU;
  • Browse information on a current debt, payments and KP;
  • Make payment of charges;
  • Browse and print notifications receipts;
  • Answer questions of users;
  • Refuse obtaining the paper version of the notification receipt;
  • Do declarations of important information for users.

Based on functionality of a personal account the possibility of interaction with subscribers via Viber bot is implemented

Electronic document management system with legal persons

Allows to perform:

  • The bulk automated mailing of the following documents: accounts, invoices, sheets of a power consumption.
  • Bulk mailing of information letters and notifications to the consumers connected to e-document flow.
  • Input and transfer of indications of metering devices.

Hardware platform

Network infrastructure