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Information technologies
Since 2013
105064, Nizhny Susalny Lane, 5 building 16

Top managers:
Babiyan Nadezhda



Getintent – the international developer of programmatic-solutions for brands, advertizing agencies and pablisher. The flagship product of the company – Getintent DSP – helps advertisers to manage media purchases (desktop, mobile, connected TV and digital out-of-home) and using AI algorithms to optimize the cost of demonstrations.

Offices of the company are located in New York, Berlin and Moscow.

Products & Services

Getintent provides services in automatic placement of Internet advertizing on the basis of a technology platform of own development. Business of Getintent is concentrated in a B2B-segment: the company contacts to customers and through SSP (Supply Side Platform) — to publishers.

Feature of the Getintent platform is an opportunity to configure advertizing campaigns at all stages that increases efficiency of investments of clients and minimizes expenses. Work with a system is simple: promotional materials are loaded into the interface and targetings are established, further algorithms participate in an advertizing online auction and provide an optimal advertizing campaign with achievement of target indicators.

At all stages instruments of control and thin setup are available to the advertiser. For segmentation of target audiences of the customer and their exact choice the platform uses own automated solutions, a part of which is constructed on algorithms of artificial intelligence. The range of opportunities for high-precision targeting is wide: targeting on the set websites, a key word on separate pages, to devices and browsers, a geographical coverage, classroom segments, etc. is possible. A system gives remarketing opportunities, including, automatic optimization on the set performance indicator — CPM, CPC, CPV, CPA.

2019: Gazprom Media buys technology company Getintent

On December 27, 2019 the Gazprom Media Holding announced purchase of technology company Getintent which specializes in services of the automated advertizing.

During the transaction Gazprom Media purchases the platform and the intellectual property of the company. Transaction amount does not reveal. As a result of acquisition the holding will get access to the existing client contracts of Getintent. The key staff of Getintent who is responsible for engineering development and a business activity on the basis of this platform will continue work in Gazprom Media.

The market of algorithmic purchases of advertizing dynamically grows: in 2018 in Russia this segment grew by 60% while global growth was only 24%, according to Zenith Programmatic Marketing Forecasts. The Getintent company expects that the volume of the advertizing placed through the platform will quicker grow the market thanks to advanced technological solutions, direct contracts with brands and also use of resources and data of Gazprom Media holding.


In 2018 turnover of the company in the Russian market exceeded 250 million rubles.