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Payture is the international processing center offering the system of online payments for business. The company developed also zapatentovalatekhnichesky solutions which accelerate and protect payment processing on bank cards. Them leading companies of Runet — already use including,, Lamoda, Rambler, Qlean, ivi and OneTwoTrip.


Partnership with Alpha Fintech

On October 23, 2017 the Alpha Fintech and Payture company, the payment gateway working at the territory of the CIS announced the beginning of cooperation.

Thanks to cooperation with a processing center of Payture AlphaHub will be able to perform processing of payments in the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan, including processing of cards the World and the solution on providing online cash desks within compliance 54-FZ.

In 2016 the eCommerce market in Russia reached a point of $15.7 billion, in 2017, by estimates of analysts, the gain and achievement of a mark of $17.1 billion is expected. Income from foreign clients was $5.2 billion for 2016 — a third of the market. Some of the first joint clients of Alpha Fintech and Payture are interested in an exit to the Russian consumer market of e-travel, one of the largest segments of the Russian e-commerce market seriously. The Russian consumer market of e-travel makes about 10 million people now and annually grows approximately for 30%, noted in Payture.

Partnership of Payture and Alpha Fintech opens opportunities in the markets of Russia and the CIS for all vendors (suppliers) without exception. We are ready to provide all possible payment solutions with the minimum costs for development for our clients: internet-acquiring to host2host with top-10 merchant acquirers of Russia and the CIS, terminals on acceptance of cash Apple Pay Android Pay Samsung Pay, Google Wallet and other alternative payment methods, all transactions will conform to requirements 54-FZ — said Ruslan Mannanov, the commercial director of Payture.

Connection to Orange Data

The international processing center of Payture specializing in services in the field of an electronic and mobile commerce announced on September 7, 2017 connection to Orange Data service. It will allow clients of Payture to fiskalizirovat even multiple currency payments and operations with foreign bank cards.

Our clients use the solution of Payture for processing and automation of payments on the Internet, including for transactions with foreign currency and foreign bank cards. And now we can provide on profitable terms to the clients online cash desks and fiscal drives from Orange Data service that these payments took place according to new federal law No. 54 — Alexey Korneev, the chief executive of Payture noted.

The Orange Data service for lease of cash desks for online stores completely corresponds to amendments to Federal Law No. 54 "About use of the cash registers" which became effective on July 1, 2017. The functionality of Orange Data allows clients not only to perform a fiskalization of Internet trade and sending online checks to FTS, but also to control a status of cash desks, to keep track of the number of transactions and to calculate peak loads. Connection to service is performed in the shortest possible time and does not demand from owners of online stores of big finance costs.

Payture will provide to our clients 80 alternative payment instruments, including the Apple Pay and Android Pay and also will provide data protection from online fraud thanks to own a solution antifraud. In turn, the Orange Data service will provide to clients of Payture tools online fiskalizatsii, completely corresponding to the tax law — Pavel Golubtsov, the CEO of Orange Data added in return.

Connection of online cash desks according to 54-FZ

The international processing center Payture, the producer CASH REGISTER EQUIPMENT PayKiosk and service for lease of online cash desks Orange Data completed integration and announced start of the ready-made solution for online trade according to requirements 54-FZ.

According to 54-FZ till July 1, 2017 most trade organizations of the Russian Federation, including online stores, are obliged to install the cash register equipment of a new sample. The payment service of Payture in partnership with PayKiosk cash register equipment producer developed the complete solution meeting all requirements of FZ-54 and ready to implementation in online stores.

The solution includes:

  • Providing online cash desks;
  • The fiscal drive to each cash desk;
  • Internet acquiring, alternative methods of payments and modern payment instruments Apple Pay, Android Pay and MasterPass by MasterCard, all transactions irrespective of a payment method are processed by online cash desks;
  • Installation of cash desks from FN on the protected orange data servers;
  • Direct connection to "OFD-Ya" for transfer of fiscal data;
  • Sending online checks to FTS in real time;
  • Sending electronic version of the check to the buyer.

The companies which did not connect the cash register equipment of a new sample bear responsibility for violation 54-FZ, since July 15, 2017. Penalties make: 25-50% of amount of sale without online cash desk for SP, 75-100% of amount of sale for the organizations. At further violations of the sanction become tougher: at amount of sale without online cash desk from 1 million rubles you are waited by suspension of activity up to 3 months. According to FTS, according to new 130,000 cash desks are established already by the law.