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70 employees in 2014



The second interactive screen of cash desk

The second interactive screen of cash desk — the solution for fast food, was for the first time let into networks of KFC fast food restaurants. At first it was quite simple marketing gadget: with a certain frequency showed to the visitor advertizing images. Then the UCS company complicated technology: the subject of the broadcast pictures began to change depending on contents of the order. Such technology helps to induce the buyer to the specific choice: if it orders a standard lunch, then to it, for example, the interactive screen suggests to try a new dessert, etc. And all this can occur according to different scenarios. Both dishes, additional to the order, and dishes "on delivery" can be shown, and rollers can vary depending on time of day or action of an action. Naturally, so relevant approach to advertizing positively affects increase in profit of the enterprises.

Electronic queue

One more solution for fast food — Electronic queue. Technology which allows to organize in a special way work in a cash zone, having separated it into two functional periods (acceptance of the order and assembly of the order). Thereby the problem by everything the bothered queues at cash desk is solved. At the high level of the competition, especially on food courts of big shopping and entertainment centers, this circumstance is decisive for the potential visitor: tired with shopping, he will prefer that cafe where he will be able quicker to receive the lunch.

End of queue

The solution for peak influx of guests — End of Queue technology is separately developed, here acceptance of the order is performed using the mobile terminal directly in queue, and the card with the QR code which is read out at payment of the order at the checkout is issued to the client. Also the special technology for service of motorists — Drive-Thru is released, it allows to service quickly the guests wishing to receive the order without leaving the car. The main principle is the operation mode "3 windows" here.

Virtual card of the guest

The Virtual Card of the Guest technology is the solution which succeeded old programs of loyalty in which plastic discount cards are used. Now, to use the discount, it is enough to visitor to have at itself only the mobile phone.

Mobile waiter

Also the line of devices which support the solution "Mobile Waiter" on iPod Touch was expanded. It is modern replacement of paper notepads significantly allows to reduce holding time of the visitor, to quickly take the order, at the same time completely excepting errors, to transfer him to the R-Keeper system online, than increases turnover of restaurant at least by 10%. With the advent of model of new generation iPod Touch 5 from the 4th the module "mobile waiter" was finished by the inch screen under new permission and operating system iOS 6.


More than 2500 enterprises of North-West Region became customers of an UCS SPb, among them such famous network operators as Burger King, Subway, Papa John's, Cinnabon, Sushi-City, Emelya, Shokoladnitsa, Network of Pubs, Sushi the Shop, Yaposha, IL Patio, Sushi Palent, Yakitoriya, Sushi the Magician, the system of trade in the State Museum Reserve (SMR) "PETERHOF", Vasabi group, Tinkoff, etc.

Automation systems are installed at restaurants Ginza Project, FermA, Le Boat, Kitchen; and hotels October, Okhta, St. Petersburg and many others. At movie theaters Kronverk Cinema, Karo Film, Luxor, the Giant the Park, Mori Cinema, the Formula of cinema – the systems of the UCS Prime minister for the automated sale of tickets and control of work of cinema halls and the R-Keeper system for optimization of activity of places of public catering are installed. The hardware and software systems Game-Keeper equip entertainment centers: Club 40 in Sosnovy Bor and Fun City to Kolpino.

Outsourcing of accounting in R-Keeper

In 2013 the new service — "Outsourcing of accounting in R-Keeper" which is already in demand among customers was implemented. This service allows restaurateurs to shift a difficult problem of maintaining documentation and filling of databases to shoulders of the professionals capable quickly and qualitatively to make all necessary work connected with the R-Keeper system.

The analysis of the database in R-Keeper

The analysis of the database will help to reveal and prevent illegal acts from personnel, to check correctness of maintaining reference books and document flow, to inspect interaction between divisions of large network.

There is a set of different methods of fraud as a result of which the owner of restaurant loses to a third of daily revenue. The UCS SPb company proposes the solution of this problem by the analysis of the database which will help to reveal any transactions connected with frauds of employees.

Complete and detailed data analysis will also allow to minimize incorrect use of the R-Keeper system, to exclude errors, inaccuracies in formation and conducting document flow and the reporting, than will improve system operation and will provide stable functioning of a complex in general.

The service of the analysis of the database performed by UCS SPb company means the next stages:

  • The analysis of the cash protocol (cancellings of prechek, transfers of dishes, transfers of tables, transfers of checks in tables, etc.)
  • Analysis of the list of failures
  • Analysis of the list of checks
  • The analysis of checks with long payment
  • Analysis of purpose of discounts
  • Analysis of personal failures and removals
  • Installation and check time of creation of each file
  • Identification of violation of end-to-end numbering of tables of all data of base
  • Carrying out comparison of information on sales, expense of dishes and payment receipt
  • Carrying out comparison and the analysis of files of the databases which are stored on the cash server and data which are in reports of restaurant
  • In StoreHouse base reference books and document flow are analyzed

Development of the individual scheme of accounting

After the careful analysis of specifics of work of the enterprise and features of merchandising our specialists will help to organize the optimal system of maintaining documentation and reference books satisfying to all nuances of business processes of a specific institution. It will allow to minimize losses by production, so to increase profit.

The individual scheme of accounting is necessary, as for single cafes where merchandising differs in the specific characteristics, and for large networks, with a set of outlets and divisions. In this case development of ISU will help to establish cooperation between objects, to exclude inaccuracies and errors in document flow.

Putting the resources in business automation systems, it is very important to use their potential completely. Thanks to new service from UCS SPb Vy company you will be able to involve all opportunities of the hardware and software system R-Keeper and the module StoreHouse. The new service allows not only to make production by more effective, but also assumes the help in the field of restaurant marketing. Including, specialists of an UCS SPb will help you to create effective schemes of loyalty and to customize reporting system on the held events (actions).

The individual scheme of accounting is as important as the choice of the concept and menu of restaurant. It allows to keep account more precisely and correctly. The service is already in demand, including among big network customers.