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Papin Maxim Yuryevich was born in 1967 in the city of Togliatti. In 1993 graduated from Moscow Power Engineering Institute majoring in the engineer of automated control systems. In 2003 defended the thesis of the professional manager at the British Open University.

Since 1995 worked in Jet Infosystems company. Consistently held positions of the head of service group, head of department of services. In process of development of customer service and its formation as separate business was engaged in creation, and then headed the Service center "Jet Infosystems". For more than 15 years of work implemented essential project scope on creation of services of operation for the different large Russian companies.

From August, 2009 to September, 2010 worked in NVision Group at a position of the director of Directorate of service and professional services, was engaged in consolidation of service divisions of the company and creation of the Center of technical support of NVision Group which was started in 2010. Reorganization was carried out within general strategy of development of the service direction of the company, achievement of target indicators on sales of service and outsourcing services, formations of new service offers for customers of NVision Group.

From 2010 to 2011 worked in Technoserv company as the director of the department of sales of services.

On August 25, 2011 Maxim Papin is appointed to a position of the development director of service and professional services of Nvision Group company. The task of formation in NVision Group of the strategic block on rendering service and outsourcing services and an output of the company in market leaders in this direction is set for him. In a new position Maxim Papin will be engaged in development of perspective IT services, among them the professional and managed services, outsourcing and the organization of services of operation of systems under business challenges of customers, quality improvement of work of customer service of NVision Group and formation of high standards of service.

With spring of 2014 after sale to NVision group company in AFK "Sistema" holding, passed into Technoserv company.