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1C: Trade Management 8

The name of the base system (platform): 1C:Enterprise 8.3
Developers: 1C Joint Stock Company
Last Release Date: 2016
Technology: Trade automation systems


The application solution "1C: Trade Management 8" allows to automate problems of operational and management accounting, the analysis and planning of trade operations in a complex, providing thereby effective management of modern trade enterprise.

The data domain automated by the application solution "1C: Trade Management 8" can be presented in the form of the following scheme.

File:10 scheme ut.gif

The application solution automates the following directions of business activities:

  • Customer relationship management
  • Management of rules of sales, marketing
  • Sales management
  • Management of sales representatives
  • Money
  • Inventory management
  • Purchase management
  • Financial accounting

In information base of the application solution both already perfect, and just planned economic transactions are registered. 1C: Trade Management 8 automates execution practically of all primary documents of a trade and inventory control and also documents of cash flow.

The application solution is expected any kinds of trade operations. Functions of accounting from maintaining reference books and input of primary documents before obtaining different analytical reports are implemented.

The solution allows to keep management accounting on trade enterprise in general. For the enterprise of holding structure documents can be processed on behalf of several organizations entering into holding.

1C: Trade Management 8 is the ready-made application solution which cornerstone the powerful technology platform of new generation of 1C:Enterprise 8 is. The Trade management configuration enters the delivery of the software product, in addition to the platform.

1C: Trade Management 8 provides automatic selection of the data necessary for accounting, and transfer of these data in 1C: Accounting 8.


Integration of the module of "Yandex.Cash" into products of 1C: Enterprise

1C Company in February, 2018 added the payment module of "Yandex.Cash" to standard library of the electronic documents "1C: Enterprise". Thanks to these 1.5 million commercial and budget organizations which use products 1C will be able to accept in them payments through "Yandex.Cash" — from e-wallets, from bank cards or through Internet banking. Read more here.


Edition 11.3 Trade management configurations


Mechanisms of sales are improved, support of requirements of legal acts is implemented:

  • the feature for the manual indication of cost value of goods at return of goods from the client is added;
  • exchange with the State information system of goods marking (GISM) is implemented:
  • order and accounting of control (identification) signs;
  • marking of fur products control (identification) signs;
  • use of a retail store equipment;
  • regoods marking;
  • receiving the marked products;
  • shipment of the marked products to wholesale buyers;
  • sale of the marked products to end buyers;
  • return of the marked products by the client;
  • return of the marked products to the supplier;
  • write-off of the spoiled marked products;
  • opportunities for work with the Unified State Automated Information System (USAIS) are expanded:
  • return of alcoholic products to suppliers;
  • movements of alcoholic products between own warehouses;
  • write-off;
  • setting on balance of the Unified State Automated Information System;
  • requests and correction of a remaining balance;
  • data transmission in KKM-Offline.


New tools for the effective organization of process of providing the enterprise with resources:

  • the document register of purchase is created;
  • the mechanism of an execution of the receipt order within the agreement on conditions of purchases is improved:
  • different options of goods acceptance;
  • control of process of goods acceptance on a warehouse;
  • renewal of delivery notes;
  • execution of the act of discrepancies

Warehouse and delivery

Development of mechanisms of inventory management and organization of warehouse economy:

  • the new option of a design of goods acceptance in an order warehouse is added: use of the delivery note as the order on goods acceptance in an order warehouse is supported;
  • the workplace on execution of delivery notes of internal merchandising is developed;
  • the interface of the document register of internal merchandising is improved;
  • adaptation of warehouse interfaces and workplace Delivery under the Taxi mode is executed.

Financial result and controlling

Possibilities of registration of expenses are expanded, lot-based accounting is in a new way implemented:

  • change of parameters of primary registration of expenses or the issued emergence of income is implemented;
  • for managerial balance three options of formation are provided in the different modes:
  • on activities;
  • on the organizations;
  • on the temporary periods;
  • the new version of lot-based accounting based on the changed data structure is submitted.


Edition 11.2.3 Trade management configurations

Development of the application solution is reflected in the second edition of documentation:

  • registration of wholesale purchases and retail sales of alcoholic products using the Unified State Automated Information System system;
  • sales planning on business regions taking into account seasonality;
  • creation of schemes of ensuring requirements for the description of a full stroke of merchandising of the nomenclature;
  • accounting of runs on the goods delivery third-party carriers;
  • expansion of functionality of the payment schedule.
  • possibility of registration of one invoice according to several documents of delivery;
  • updating of the scenario of expense allocation of future periods (RBP): distribution of RBP in any period, diagnostics of a negative balance when closing month.


Edition 11.1 Trade management configurations

Main directions of development in the new edition of the Trade management configuration:

  • development of functionality taking into account the most popular wishes of users;
  • simplification of functionality.

The following functionality is added to the program:

  • the isolated accounting by orders - allows to specify the purchases at the supplier or movement of goods intended for the specific customer order; provides the isolated accounting of cost value by this order, allowing to define its profitability more precisely;
  • delivery automation - allows to plan use of motor transport of the company for the organization of the goods delivery to clients or between own warehouses of the enterprise;
  • assortment management - allows to manage the range of retail network taking into account different formats of shops;
  • accounting of a multiturnover container - allows to consider a multiturnover container, including the container received from suppliers and transferred to clients; gives an opportunity of an execution of the redemption of a container;
  • control of depth of delay of debt - allows to prohibit automatically shipments to clients with debt term more than the set limit;
  • payment under delivery notes - allows to consider a debt of clients by separate shipment documents;
  • cost accounting on the sliding FIFO - provides the data acquisition about cost value corresponding to lot-based accounting of goods;
  • other: salary payment; accounting of the credits, deposits and loans; automatic substitution of responsible persons in printed forms of documents; sending printed forms by e-mail; the automated mailing of reports; assistant to the appeal to technical support of 1C Company, etc.

In addition to adding of new features possibilities of already existing were expanded:

  • predesign of cost value can be made without input of the documents "Broadcast of Goods between the Organizations";
  • distribution of itemized expenses on cost value is made automatically;
  • integration with the Document flow configuration is expanded: there was an opportunity to use business processes of Document flow and to save files in information base of Document flow during the work with the Trade management configuration;
  • possibilities of a mobile workplace of the warehouse worker are expanded, support of devices with the resolution of 240х320 is provided;
  • the possibility of the manual indication of types of stocks and numbers SCD when leaving (sale) of goods is provided;
  • other: formation of the customs declaration by several numbers SCD; accounting of the VAT is processed; verification of payment orders; the price list with information on a remaining balance of goods, etc.

Regarding simplification of functionality the following improvements are made:

  • a number of functions is processed for compliance to standard scenarios of work: formation of orders on requirements, a workplace "Closing of month", printing of price labels and labels, recalculation of goods at inventory, etc.;
  • additional service mechanisms are entered: copying of lines between documents;
  • possibilities of shutdown of not used functions are expanded: there was an opportunity to disconnect order statuses, to turn off accounting by several organizations and warehouses, to turn off separation into partners and partners, etc.;
  • user interfaces for the purpose of ensuring simplicity and convenience of work are finished: documents of input of opening balances, the reference book of price types are processed, seldom used settings and reference books on each section of a configuration are taken out in separate point and supplied with the built-in descriptions, etc.


Edition 11.0.6 of the Trade management configuration

Customer relationship management

  • The functionality of the analysis and assessment of results of work of sales managers on the basis of various indicators is implemented.
  • The report which will allow to obtain all information, necessary for operational work, on the partner is implemented.
  • The functionality of registration, working off and control of customer complaints, conflict situations with clients is implemented.
  • The problem with access to partners of higher partners (when the right of access to the partner is, and to higher partners is not present) is fixed.


  • The possibility of acceptance of the customer order on several warehouses and a design of shipment of goods from several warehouses is provided with one document of implementation.
  • The convenience of the choice of agreements in documents of sale is increased.
  • Service of filling of the document of implementation is added by actually shipped goods.
  • Printed form of the commercial offer in the mxl format is implemented.


  • The convenience of the user interface is increased, information necessary for decision making to destination of the prices is provided to the user.
  • Unloading and data loading in the xls format for the expanded analysis and processing of the prices is provided.
  • The printability of the stated prices is given.
  • High-speed performance of the interface of "installation of stock prices" at large volumes of data is increased.


  • The functionality of settlings with partners is developed:
    • the possibility of registration of payment on several partners is supported by one document;

the convenient functionality of offset of advance payment is implemented.

  • Compliance to requirements of the legislation (PBU 3/2006) of functionality of filling of printed forms and calculation of data on revenue and cost value, under agreements in foreign currency is provided.
  • The functionality for carrying out reconciliation of settlement is implemented.


  • The possibility of report generation of TORG-29 on the organization is implemented.
  • Forms of the check of the CR are improved.

Inventory management

  • An opportunity to fully control and analyze providing orders, to provide all information required for decision making about a possibility of shipment of the order, about need of change of terms of shipment of the order is given.
  • Calculation of "date of shipment" in customer orders for the ordered services is implemented.
  • The description of specifications for automatic filling of documents of assembly/dismantling is supported.
  • The possibility of filling and accomplishment of internal delivery notes to within an order line is supported.


  • The possibility of appointment and change in price of sale in the scenario of a design of goods receipt is implemented.
  • The functionality necessary for reflection of discrepancies at acceptance of goods is implemented. Necessary printed forms are implemented.
  • The service allowing to accelerate input numbers SCD in the receipt document is implemented.
  • The possibility of order placement of suppliers and goods receipt on several warehouses is implemented.
  • Separate setup of parameters of ABC and XYZ of classification, carrying out classification for the last periods is supported.
  • The opportunity of group installation of a condition of the price at registration of the prices of suppliers is given.
  • The functionality of storage and printing of warrants for receipt of goods in a subsystem of purchases is implemented.
  • The functionality of storage of payment schedules of suppliers and filling of stages of payment in supplier orders according to payment schedules is implemented.
  • Service of filling of the receipt document is added by actually arrived goods.
  • The functionality of the analysis of the cancelled order lines to suppliers by the canceling reasons is implemented.
  • Service of filling of the nomenclature of the supplier to the nomenclature of the company in purchasing documents is implemented.
  • Control of uniqueness of the nomenclature of suppliers is provided.
  • The functionality of approval of supplier orders is implemented.
  • The possibility of registration of new barcodes at the time of goods receipt is provided.

Accounting of goods

  • Work with goods of different quality is supported, goods quality change processes are automated.
  • The obligation of filling of characteristics in necessary cases is provided;
  • The possibility of change of cost value of goods in transactions of regrading, change of quality of commodity tangible assets is supported.
  • The generation engine of names of the nomenclature and characteristics on the preset templates is implemented.


  • The management subsystem is improved by money.
  • The possibility of shutdown of planning of money on the organizations is implemented.
  • Money transfer to the advance holder is finished.
  • The access necessary for cashiers for a design of movement of cash is implemented.
  • The role for review of requests for a funds expenditure is implemented.

Financial accounting

  • The possibility of registration of the transactions which are reflected only in regulated accounting (not reflected in management accounting) is provided.
  • Possibilities of the mechanism of expense allocation on cost value are expanded: reference of expenses on receipt documents is supported.
  • The possibility of the isolated cost accounting of the goods which were purchased under the specific transaction is implemented (division, the manager).

Data exchange

  • The possibility of exchange with the websites is implemented (1C-Bitrix).
  • Data exchange with 1C: Accounting 2.0 is improved.
  • Data exchange with 1C: Retail is improved.
  • The configuration opportunity for work in the mode of the distributed information base is implemented (without restriction of data migration on nodes).
  • The current implementation provides a global exchange data, without settings of restrictions of unloading of data on nodes of the distributed information base.
  • The detailed description and order of setup of a global exchange in the distributed information base are provided in the "Use of a Global Exchange in the Distributed Information Management of торговлей.xml Base" file.
  • Exchange of electronic documents between partners in the Supplier mode - the Buyer using the electronic digital signature (EDS) and enciphering is implemented.

The general

  • The opportunity is given to different user profiles (in addition to already available) to obtain information on current affairs on a desktop.
  • Scanners of barcodes, the shipping documentation, displays of the buyer are connected to documents which a need of work with these types of a retail store equipment is had.
  • New subsystems of BSP 1.1.2 are built-in. also the built-in subsystems of BSP to version 1.1.2 are updated.
  • The possibility of an output in forms of lists of additional details and data of objects is supported.
  • Refactoring of mechanisms of formation of the general printed forms for more convenient configuration of completion at implementations is carried out.