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Gaskar Group Exon

Developers: Gaskar Group (Gaskar Integration)
Date of the premiere of the system: 2020
Last Release Date: 2020/08/26
Branches: Construction and industry of construction materials
Technology: SaaS - Software as service,  Internet of Things of Internet of Things (IoT),  Project management systems,  Time recording


Cloud platform of management of construction projects of Exon – the complete solution including services of data collection from wearable devices, sensors, drones for formation of the forecast and issue of recommendations about construction stages.


The module of automatic formation of executive documentation for an object under construction

On August 26, 2020 the Gaskar Group company announced adding in the Exon platform of the module of automatic formation of the executive documentation (ED) for an object under construction. Service is intended to help builders and their contractors to reduce labor costs by preparation of executive documentation, to quickly correct notes of customers and to quickly receive payment for the work.

The absence or the shortage of certificates and protocols on materials, agreements, acts of carrying out the hidden and intermediate works is directly connected with payment and threaten the contractor with failure of acceptance of works, a payment delay to crew and penalties. The customer, in turn, in the absence of ID cannot check the volume and quality of the performed works on an object, to get permission to input of construction in operation, to service the building or to transfer ID to owners.

The provided module Exon for automation of preparation and approval of executive documentation analyzes work of all participants of process in a system, automatically checks and sends for approval of ID on all participants of process. In the module templates of the main structure of acts and documents for formation of executive documentation are already put.

All quality certificates, registers of the performed works, different acts are stored in uniform automated information system where all participants of construction have access. Customers, the general contractor and subcontractors can work along with the module IDES, to see existence of documentation on each point and to make corrections in real time.

In general the module of automatic formation of executive documentation for an object under construction:

  • saves time and the budget of the customer for check and correction of notes and, respectively, the budget of a construction object. At the arbitrary value of an object in 1 billion rubles duration up to two years operational approval of ID will save to the builder up to 10% of project cost without payment failures to meet time constraints;
  • creates all set of executive documentation by the time of completion of construction;
  • helps to report for the pool of works and to receive payment after delivery of accomplishment of obligations without delays.

Exon consolidates all entering information on the construction course in one online space. Contractors enter data in the general magazine of works and the magazine of incoming inspection, load documents and certificates on materials and other data necessary for formation of ID. The general contractor and the customer monitor receipt of executive documentation after accomplishment of each block of works. All changes and additions are made and will be approved online.

Creation of the platform

In 2020 Gaskar Group created the platform of project management Exon which includes micro services according to the analysis of activity of workers, analytics, monitoring of platforms from drones and others. Having examination in the construction industry, the company takes steps to digitalization of the conservative construction industry. The Annick Lab company entering into Gaskar Group Group acts as the founder of the Exon platform.