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Gaskar Group Virtual round 360

Developers: Gaskar Group (Gaskar Integration)
Date of the premiere of the system: 2020/07/31
Branches: Construction and industry of construction materials
Technology: CAD

2020: Representation of service Virtual round 360

Gaskar Group Group announced on July 31, 2020 start of service for creation of panoramas 360 ° and virtual tours using UAVs on construction objects. So the builder can trace all stages of the project online, make changes in process and accept the performed works.

The panorama 360 ° is an interactive image of the building or building site in 3D - a format which allows to consider an object in all its aspects. A virtual tour consists of several panoramas, it covers large territories, for example, the park, the embankment or the residential quarter.

The service will always help builders to be aware of workflow, to monitor all works online from any convenient foreshortening and from any place in the world and also to present construction results.

Shooting is made for large objects using dronoport - robot stations. UAVs take off along the set route, photograph and transfer data to storage (Exon, a cloud or the physical server) where further specialists create the three-dimensional image. Service can work as an independent product, and as a part of the Exon platform implemented in the construction project.