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Huawei Y-series of smartphones

Developers: Huawei
Date of the premiere of the system: 2017/07/11
Last Release Date: 2020/05/21
Technology: Tablet computers and smartphones



Huawei Y8p, Y6p и Y5p

On May 21, 2020 the HUAWEI company announced start of three smartphones of series Y – HUAWEI Y5p, Y6p and Y8p in Russia. Devices belong to a mid-price segment and are created especially for young users. The provided smartphones differ in the improved photoopportunities and long operation of devices. Also smartphones of HUAWEI Y8p/Y6p support the NFC function for instant payment of goods and services (works by means of the Purse application).

Huawei Y8p smartphone

According to the producer, smartphones of HUAWEI Y8p/Y6p/Y5p received the latest version operating system EMUI 10.1 and support a number of functions which do use of devices more pleasant and intuitive. For example, file the EROFS system automatically squeezes files of pre-installed applications that allows to save up to 2 GB of memory, playback rate can be increased up to 20%, and the internal memory is released for 14%. In smartphones the brand store of applications is preset HUAWEI AppGallery. The wide choice content in applications of HUAWEI Video, HUAWEI Music and HUAWEI Reader which libraries continuously are replenished with the assistance of the suppliers of content cooperating with HUAWEI on a permanent basis is available to users.

As noted in HUAWEI, in the Y8p smartphone the balance between the modern technologies providing high performance and availability is observed that does the device by the optimal choice for young users. The smartphone has Full HD + the screen, the capacious battery, the threefold camera with lens 48 MT. HUAWEI Y8p it is equipped with USB Type-C port, guaranteeing fast data transmission, the accumulator 4000 mA • h and internal memory of 4 GB + 128 GB. The smartphone has the thin body of 7.7 mm and about 163 grams weigh, at the same time the screen ratio to the body makes 90.17%. the 6.3-inch screen of HUAWEI Y8p has the built-in fingerprint scanner for a fast unblocking. In comparison with the previous generations the area of an unblocking is increased by 6%, and thanks to advanced technology the percent of successful unblockings considerably grew.

The main the threefold camera of the smartphone consists of lens 48 MT, a wide angle lens with a viewing angle of 120 degrees and MT sensor 2 with effect a side. The MT front camera 16 supports the HDR mode for creation of a selfie. Depending on lighting, intellectual algorithms compensate a difference in illumination, saving parts and colors of a frame. The mode of night shooting does images more accurate and bright. The smartphone camera also allows to create the personnel with long exposure to six seconds.

HUAWEI Y8p it is equipped by own photoassistant based on artificial intelligence technology – Master AI which will recognize objects, their size and provision on the image and optimizes them according to algorithms. The technology is able to recognize more than 500 scenarios in 21 categories (for example, the sky, snow, plants, dogs, food, fireworks, a concert, etc.), emphasized in HUAWEI.

HUAWEI Y8p works for 12 nanometers processor Kirin 710F, consisting of four cores Cortex-A73 working at frequency of 2.2 GHz and of four cores of Cortex-A53 working at frequency of 1.7 GHz.

Smartphone of HUAWEI Y6p

The smartphone of HUAWEI Y6p is equipped with the 6.3-inch screen capable to transfer saturated shades, the capacious battery 5000 mA • h, the complemented internal memory of 64 GB. The screen ratio to the body of HUAWEI Y6p makes 88.4%. HUAWEI Y6p has the threefold main camera consisting of the main lens 13 MT with a diaphragm of f/1.8, wide angle lens 5 MT with a viewing angle of 120 degrees and the sensor of depth of 2 MT. The front camera with the resolution of 8 MT is equipped with algorithms of artificial intelligence which help to take the accurate detailed selfie. HUAWEI Y6p works on the eight-nuclear Mediatek MT6762R processor, four cores work with frequency of 2.0 GHz, and four more cores – with a frequency of 1.5 GHz. The smartphone supports a set of intellectual technologies for smooth work.

According to the statement of the producer, HUAWEI Y6 it is capable to support till 16 o'clock reproduction of videos, till 32 o'clock video playback from the smartphone, till 20 o'clock use 4G- Internet till 36 o'clock a talk in 4G for one full charge. Thanks to the mode of energy saving of HUAWEI Y6p uses all opportunities of the capacious battery 5000 mA • h. In this mode the smartphone uses only certain applications, such as "Phone", Messages and Contacts, increasing employment duration. Even if there were only 5% of battery power, the smartphone will be able to work till 12 o'clock. HUAWEI Y6p supports technology of the return charging: at connection through an OTG cable (to 5B/1,2A), the smartphone can charge other device like the external accumulator. Besides, HUAWEI Y6p supports data backup also fast transfer on other Android smartphone with speed up to 60 MB/sec.

In the Party Mode mode several smartphones of HUAWEI Y6p can reproduce at the same time the same music to create effect of volume sounding, having connected on a mobile network or through Wi-Fi. And thanks to corporate Y6p Histen 6.0 HUAWEI technology provides volume sounding and function of noise reduction when using earphones, claim in HUAWEI.

Smartphone of HUAWEI Y5p

HUAWEI Y5p with the updated design it is equipped with the 5.45-inch screen. The smartphone has the internal memory of 32 GB, the capacious battery 3020 mA • h and main camera 8 MT. The updated design of the smartphone of HUAWEI Y5p is developed taking into account features of capture in a hand that, according to the producer, guarantees comfortable use of the device for an appreciable length of time. A thin side framework of HD+ of the screen provides comfort when viewing a multimedia content, at the same time the device remains compact. The smartphone has the main camera 8 MT with a diaphragm of f/2.0 and the MT front camera 5 and also supports the HDR mode and function of recognition of the person.

According to the producer, HUAWEI Y5p works on the eight-nuclear Mediatek MT6762R processor and well copes with routine tasks. The internal memory of 32 GB allows to store necessary data. And for those who want to expand memory of the smartphone, dual SIM slot is provided – it supports memory cards with a capacity up to 512 GB. Battery 3020 mA • h the smartphone provides till 17 o'clock continuous reproduction of videos or till 13 o'clock continuous use of the 4G-Internet.

The prices and availability in Russia:

  • The smartphone of HUAWEI Y8p (4 GB + 128 GB) since May 26, 2020 will be available to the preorder, since June 5, 2020 the device will be available for open sale at the price of 16,999 rubles. Available colors: midnight black; light blue; emerald-green (only in HUAWEI online store).
  • HUAWEI Y6p (3 GB + 64 GB) at the price of 10,999 rubles on sale since June 5, 2020. Available colors: midnight black, emerald-green.
  • HUAWEI Y5p (2 GB + 32 GB) at the price of 6,999 rubles on sale since June 5, 2020. Available colors: black; blue; green

Huawei Y6s

On January 22, 2020 the Huawei company announced start of sales of the smartphone of HUAWEI Y6s. The model received the display with a thin framework both with a diagonal of 6.09 inches and the expanded built-in drive. HUAWEI Y6s offers high performance for comfortable user experience: from use of mobile applications and video games before viewing audio-and video content.

Huawei Y6s smartphone

According to the statement of the producer, HUAWEI Y6s received 3 GB of the RAM, the drive on 64 GB and a card slot of memory with a capacity up to 512 GB. The smartphone without logs and braking copes with resource-intensive tasks. The corporate file system of HUAWEI Extendable Read-Only File System (EROFS) saves an empty seat, in addition saving at the disposal of the user about 2 GB of memory.

The smartphone of HUAWEI Y6s is equipped 8-core processor with clock rate of big cores of 2.3 GHz and operating system EMUI 9.1 — such combination of program and hardware components provides the high speed and smooth reactions of the interface. Intellectual algorithm in the background cleans a system cache and carries out automatic defragmentation of a disk. When on a disk there are less than 30% of an empty seat, a system reminds the user of need to delete unnecessary files. For simplification navigation the EMUI 9.1 interface supports recognition of gestures, emphasized in Huawei.

As noted in Huawei, the Y6s smartphone is equipped with the screen with diagonal 6.09 inches and with a resolution of 1560×720 pixels. The front camera, the sensor of external lighting and the thinnest receiver were located in miniature tear-shaped notch in an upper part of the screen that allowed to increase its area practically to 90% of the surface of the device. In combination with a thin side framework the big screen of HUAWEI Y6s provides comfortable watching video and a photo. To avoid overfatigue of eyes at long-term use of the smartphone, Y6s received the Eye Comfort function certified by TÜV Rheinland company and reducing a share of blue light, dangerous to eyes, in a screen illumination range. The intellectual algorithm adjusts the color temperature and brightness of illumination, reducing load of sight.

Huawei Y6s smartphone

According to the producer, the main 13 MT the camera of HUAWEI Y6s will provide pictures with high detailing. The fast lens with a diaphragm of f/1.8 provides high sensitivity due to absorption for 50% of a bigger amount of light in comparison with standard lenses with f/2.2 diaphragm. All this allows to create accurate pictures even in the evening, in low-light-level conditions. HUAWEI Y6s received also front camera with the resolution of 8 MT which thanks to illumination of the screen creates accurate and expressive selfies even at the minimum lighting.

HUAWEI Y6s provides pure saturated sounding: the technology of HUAWEI SuperSound increases the maximum volume to 6 dB and doubles the sound pressure level.

HUAWEI Y6s it is equipped with the battery with a capacity of 3020 мА×ч. Thanks to an intellectual algorithm of energy saving the smartphone ensures long independent operation, the producer claims. The sensing technology of persons and the fingerprint scanner is responsible for personal data protection and personal information. Function of an unblocking recognition of the person at insufficient lighting automatically increases screen intensity that allows it to work more reliably in the evening.

HUAWEI Y6s on sale since January 24, 2020 at the recommended retail price of 9,999 rubles. The smartphone is provided in Russia in two flowers: shining black and light violet.


Huawei Y9s

On December 17, 2019 the HUAWEI company presented the smartphone of a democratic price segment of HUAWEI Y9s combining modern design and the advanced technological solutions at the Russian market.

Huawei Y9s smartphone

As noted in HUAWEI, the Y9s smartphone is equipped with the big frameless screen with the diagonal of 6.59 inches and with a resolution of 2340×1080 pixels which provides high detailing and a qualitative color rendition. The thin loudspeaker which is built in an upper frame of the body, the sliding front camera and also the sensor of external lighting located in the lower part allowed to increase as much as possible the display size at the available device dimensions, without breaking visual comfort notches or openings.

To reduce fatigue of eyes at long reading and watching video, HUAWEI Y9s received the Eye Comfort mode certified by TÜV Rheinland company. In this mode the screen blocks a blue spectrum component of illumination, harmful to sight, and configures brightness in accordance with the terms of external lighting, providing comfort when using the device at any time, emphasized in HUAWEI.

The threefold main camera of the smartphone consists of the main module with the resolution of 48 MT, the ultrawide angle module with the resolution of 8 MT and 2 MT of the module for determination of scene depth which is necessary for correct imposing of special effects. The camera received a set of corporate intellectual algorithms of image processing among which there is a three-dimensional modeling of studio lighting when shooting portraits, function of intellectual recognition of scenes and also the mode of night shooting from hands which allows to take the qualitative picture with exposure to six seconds, the producer claims.

According to the producer, the smartphone of HUAWEI Y9s is constructed based on processor Kirin 710F and works running the interface EMUI 9.1 that provides speed and smoothness of reactions at low energy consumption. He received 6 GB of RAM and the built-in drive on 128 GB with a full support of technology of two-channel storages UFS2.1 and the corporate file Extendable Read-Only File System (EROFS) system which provides more effective use of memory for storage of photos, video and music tracks. The smartphone is equipped with the battery with a rated capacity of 4000 мА×ч, ensuring independent operation throughout the day.

The fingerprint scanner in HUAWEI Y9s is built in the side button of inclusion. Such solution increased convenience of an unblocking of the screen one hand.

In Russia HUAWEI Y9s is provided in two flowers: light blue and midnight black. The cover plate of the screen smoothly passes into a roundish central frame and the back glass panel. The Y9s body of a light blue shade underwent the nanotextural processing and polish consisting of 21 stages — such technology gives to the body unusual shine and 3D - effect, consider in HUAWEI.

The smartphone of HUAWEI Y9s will become available to the Russian buyers since December 20 and will be on sale only in shops of DNS network. The recommended price of the device — 17,990 rubles.

Huawei Y6 2019 и Huawei Y7 2019

On March 1, 2019 the Huawei company provided two smartphones of a line of Y — HUAWEI Y6 2019 and HUAWEI Y7 2019.

The HUAWEI Y6 2019 smartphone received the frameless Dewdrop Display screen with diagonal 6.09 inches. Miniature notch in the form of a drop in which the front camera, sensors of lighting and approach, the loudspeaker and frontal flash are located provides visual comfort and almost does not take away the useful area of the screen which occupies 87% of a frontal surface of the smartphone, noted in Huawei.

The Huawei Y6 2019 smartphone in amber-brown color with the invoice from imitation leather

According to the producer, the Dewdrop Display screen offers users easier method of interaction with the device — full-screen gestures. For example, svayp up from the lower bound allows to pass to the home screen. Svayp from left or from the right border to the center returns on the previous screen. Svayp from below-up with keeping activates the list of recently used applications.

The technology of protection of sight certified by TÜV Rheinland company regulates the color temperature and brightness, reducing fatigue of eyes during the long work with the smartphone. The special algorithm increases screen intensity at hit of direct sunshine, providing visual comfort in any conditions of lighting, claim in Huawei. There is also an algorithm of dynamic super loudness improving detailing of light and dark sections of the image during watching video.

According to information for March, 2019 the HUAWEI Y6 smartphones are provided in Russia in three flowers among which sapphire blue, amber brown with the invoice from imitation leather and midnight black.

The HUAWEI Y6 2019 smartphones of year received 13 MT the main camera with f/1.8 diaphragm providing high quality when shooting at any time. The front camera equipped with flash of 8 MT received the intellectual algorithms of improvement of portraits allowing to take naturalistic selfies in the most various conditions of shooting. When imposing effects algorithms consider color and tone of skin of model, providing optimal results, emphasized in Huawei.

According to the statement of the developer, despite the miniature sizes, HUAWEI Y6 2019 received the powerful speaker system. The built-in high-voltage amplifier (11 V) and technology of HUAWEI Supersound allow to reach the volume of 6 dB. Laboratory testing showed that smartphones sound 30% more loudly than the predecessors. Support of technology of volume sounding 7.1 and the mode of a party allows to integrate up to 8 HUAWEI smartphones in the single speaker system. The built-in FM antenna opens access to additional musical content.

The corporate EMUI 9.0 interface provided to HUAWEI Y6 2019 differs in simplicity of settings. The quantity of menu items is reduced by 10%. The sensing technology of persons allows to unblock the device, without concerning the screen even in the conditions of low lighting. Optimization of the built-in drive allowed to squeeze considerably pre-installed applications, having saved additional 2 GB for files of the user, noted in Huawei.

The HUAWEI smartphones of Y6 series are equipped with the battery with a rated capacity of 3,020 mAh and intellectual technology of energy saving providing, according to the producer, till 10 o'clock independent operation in 4G networks, till 73 o'clock in the mode of continuous listening of music and till 16 o'clock demonstration of video.

Huawei Y7 2019 smartphone

The HUAWEI Y7 smartphone is constructed based on 8-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 and equipped with 3 GB of the RAM and the built-in drive on 32 GB. The occasional seat for storage of files is provided memory cards by support with a capacity up to 512 GB. The device has three independent slots: two for SIM cards and one for cards microSD. The screen with diagonal 6.26 inches has permission 1520×720 at the density of pixels of 269 PPI.

The HUAWEI Y7 smartphone is equipped with the front camera with MT sensor 8 and the double main camera consisting of modules with the resolution of 13 MT and 2 MT. The battery with a capacity of 3900 mAh supports till 37 o'clock a voice talk in 3G networks and up to 724 working hours in standby mode in LTE networks (laboratory data of Huawei).

According to information for March, 2019 the HUAWEI Y7 smartphones are available in flowers midnight black and bright blue, have thickness of 8.1 mm weighing 168 g.

Sales of the HUAWEI Y6 2019 and HUAWEI Y7 2019 smartphones start on March 7, 2019 at the recommended retail prices of 9,490 rubles and 12,990 rubles respectively.


Huawei Y5 Prime 2018

On July 2, 2018 the Huawei company provided series Y smartphone — Huawei Y5 Prime 2018.

Huawei Y5 Prime 2018 it is equipped with the FullView screen with permission of HD+ and with a diagonal of 5.45 inches. Thanks to screen 18:9 aspect ratio the smartphone turned out compact. At the same time more information is located on the FullView screen for 12.5% that allows to see more image details and the text, consider in Huawei.

Huawei Y5 Prime 2018 smartphone

According to information provided in the company the main 13 MT the camera of the smartphone received HDR technology with a possibility of postprocessing of pictures. The big filter set and the mode of panoramic shooting take the mobile picture more simply and more interestingly. 5 MT the front camera is equipped with regulated illumination which automatically determines the nature of external lighting and adjusts it, doing self-portraits brighter and expressive. Illumination supports also manual adjustment.

Operating system Android 8.1.0 allows to use possibilities of hardware components of the smartphone to the maximum, providing at the same time effective use of battery power and smooth work of the interface and applications, noted in Huawei.

According to the statement of the developer, Huawei Y5 Prime 2018 received the whole set of the useful functions simplifying many routine transactions. Among them — a screenshot contact of three fingers and the mode of change of color temperature of the Eye Comfort screen. Also the smartphone supports the karaoke mode which is activated when the user connects earphones to the smartphone and starts the application for a karaoke. One more function — the sound amplifying condition providing comfortable communication by phone even in noisy premises. The smartphone automatically determines the high level of noise during a call and suggests the user to activate amplifying condition clicking a volume key.

Huawei Y5 Prime 2018 smartphone

As noted in Huawei, for the most effective use of opportunities of the battery with a capacity of 3020 mach Huawei Y5 Prime 2018 was received by a set of energy saving functions and Power Saving 6.0 technologies which optimize energy consumption, prolonging device battery life. One more feature of the smartphone — three independent slots allowing to use at the same time two sim cards and the memory card microSD with a capacity up to 256 Gbytes.

In Russia to Huawei Y5 Prime 2018 it is available to buyers since June, 2018. The recommended retail price of model in gold, black and blue colors is 7990 rubles.

Huawei Y6 Prime 2018

On May 23, 2018 the Huawei company provided series Y smartphone — Huawei Y6 Prime 2018.

Huawei Y6 Prime 2018 is equipped with FullView the screen with diagonal 5.7 inches and permission of HD+ for comfortable watching video, web pages, reading texts. Despite the big diagonal of the screen, the smartphone it is convenient to hold in hand at the expense of curved 2.5D glasses of the front panel, thin body and ergonomic design, consider in Huawei.

Huawei Y6 Prime 2018 smartphone

According to information provided by Huawei company, the Y6 Prime 2018 smartphone received the high-quality audio system. Volume of sound of Huawei Y6 Prime 2018 reaches 88 dB. The smartphone has the built-in function of a karaoke. The mode is activated when the user connects earphones to the smartphone and starts the application for a karaoke or broadcasting in real time. Also the device supports group reproduction of music. In this mode users can integrate up to 8 smartphones in the single audio system with volume sounding. Huawei Y6 Prime 2018 it is equipped with Huawei Histen technology with three options of sounding. Thanks to it the smartphone is capable to provide an optimal sound both when listening music via loudspeakers, and in earphones.

Huawei Y6 Prime 2018 supports two technologies of an unblocking of the screen: recognition of the person and scanning of fingerprints that allows to unblock the smartphone in different situations. The algorithm of recognition will quickly and precisely recognize the person by 1024 parameters, and the fingerprint scanner is capable to unblock the device in only 0.37 seconds, emphasized in Huawei.

The Huawei Y6 Prime 2018 smartphone received 8 MT of frontal and 13 MT the main cameras. The intelligent system of correction allows to automatically determine the nature of illumination of the person and to configure the brightness level of frontal flash for creation of naturalistic self-portraits. Also the device received complementary filters based on technology of augmented reality.

Huawei Y6 Prime 2018 smartphone

According to the statement of the developer, the EMUI 8.0 interface constructed based on OS Android 8.0 guarantees high comfort of daily use of the device. For additional convenience in the smartphone corporate technologies of Huawei, for example, the floating button of navigation are implemented. Among other features — support of a game packet of Game Suite, the double interface Bluetooth, function of the screenshot contact of three fingers, split screen for effective work in the multitask mode and also control mode one hand.

The Huawei Y6 Prime 2018 smartphone received the battery with a rated capacity of 3000 mAh which together with functions of energy saving of Power Saving 6.0 provides up to 14 working hours in browse mode of video or till 57 o'clock listening of music (based on testing in Huawei laboratory).

The smartphone supports installation of two cards of the Nano SIM standard with an opportunity for work in the Dual SIM Dual Standby mode, optionally — the additional memory card with a capacity up to 256 GB.

In Russia sales of the Huawei Y6 Prime 2018 model in blue, gold and black colors started since May, 2018. The recommended retail price is 8,790 rubles.

2017: Huawei Y3 2017

The Huawei company in July, 2017 announced start of sales of the Y3 2017 smartphone which came to replacement of the Huawei Y3II model. The device received the 5-inch screen with the resolution of 854×480 points, more powerful the processor and the battery and the updated design of the body.

8 MT the main camera with a relative opening of F2.0 is equipped with functions of panoramic shooting, improvement of portraits and taymlaps which turn the smartphone into the full-fledged tool for creativity and self-expression, and the fast auto focus will help to save time and not to miss any important point, told in the company.

Huawei Y3 2017 it is equipped with the loud and accurate loudspeaker which guarantees the good audibility of a call even in the conditions of the increased noise and provides high quality when playing a multimedia content and telephone conversations.

Huawei Y3 2017. Photo:

Together with the battery the expanded control functions which are built in the smartphone with a capacity of 2200 mAh a power supply increase autonomy of the device. At low battery power the smartphone reminds the user of need of transition to the mode of the strengthened energy saving of Ultra Power Saving Mode which prolongs battery life. The Phone Manager function helps to clean memory of the smartphone from unnecessary files to recover high-speed performance and system performance.

Y3 2017 model also received the 4-core Cortex A7 processor with clock rate of 1.3 GHz, 1 GB of RAM and the built-in drive on 8 GB. If necessary the internal memory of the device can be expanded using cards microSD with a capacity up to 32 GB.

Huawei Y3 2017 went on sale at the recommended retail price of 5,990 rub. In Russia the smartphone is available in gold and gray options of a coloring of the body.