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I-Sys ZFlow

The name of the base system (platform): Microsoft SharePoint
Developers: I-Sys (Intelligent Systems, Intelligent Systems) Ah-Cis Labs
Date of the premiere of the system: 2017/07/10
Last Release Date: 2019/10/09
Technology: SaaS - Software as service,  Office applications,  EDMS


ZFlow is the graphics editor of business processes on the SharePoint platform. Low-code the solution ZFlow allows to configure processes in several clicks without involvement of developers.


Action "Publish an event". Viewing history of accomplishment of workflow in a graphic type

The i-Sys Labs company submitted on October 9, 2019 the next version of ZFlow — the graphics editor of workflows on the Microsoft SharePoint 2016 platform.

Action "Is added to the updated release of a product publish event/Publish custom event". It is intended for exchange of events between workflows, allows to organize more flexibly logic of processes and simplifies implementation of a number of the user scenarios. Now it is possible to build difficult business processes by decomposition that is especially relevant taking into account certain restrictions of Workflow Manager.

Besides, there was a possibility of viewing history of accomplishment of workflow in a graphic type. This functionality simplifies to the developers and employees performing functions of technical support, a problem of fault finding in workflows and does tracking of the course of processes by more transparent for business users.

Action "Expect an event" in ZFlow for SharePoint 2016

On August 7, 2019 the i-Sys Labs company announced release of the next version of the graphics editor of workflows of ZFlow on the SharePoint 2016 platform.

In the updated solution action "Appeared expect event/Wait for custom event". Now workflow can stop, expecting any event and to continue accomplishment on its approach. At the same time this functionality does not require customization any more and writing of the code – it can be implemented by forces of specialists in implementation or business users.

Also by preparation of release attention was paid to design of the editor of processes – it became more convenient for work and visual acceptability.

ZFlow for SharePoint 2016

Being guided by a feedback from users, developers entered a number of the completions directed to improvement of functionality to ZFlow.

Availability to users of SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2019

On February 25, 2019 i-Sys Labs reported that the product I-Sys ZFlow became available and for users of SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2019.

Modern business regularly faces a call when it is necessary to adapt processes for the changing market quickly. But to make it happens not so simply. Analysts say that the market of IT lacks at least 120,000 qualified developers and to find them in the conditions of fierce competition for the fast solution of assigned tasks it turns out not always. No-code of the platform become the good solution when it is necessary to reduce time to market significantly. You can entrust business process automation to business analysts and implementation specialists.
Arkady Zolotovitsky, Development director of i-Sys Labs

According to developers, ZFlow is the decision without code. The editor also is enough to open it is possible to begin to create workflows:

  • appoint to users of a problem of any complexity, since simple approval of the request or the document, finishing with work with complex structure of a card of a task.
  • simplify calculation of terms of task performance, filling out the calendar of working and non-working days.
  • use logical actions for creation of difficult workflows with parallel and conditional branches.
  • request, create, update or delete list elements, documents, pages.
  • increase transparency of information flows and availability of information, sending notifications not only to mail, but also to MS Teams and other messengers of the company.

According to i-Sys Labs, among the main features of the product ZFlow, except cost and lack of restriction on the number of processes:

  • the ordinary, but powerful editor for templates of letters;
  • an opportunity to use in ZFlow processes MS Flow flows for integration with external systems;
  • the functional search doing workflows by more compact;
  • convenient text search when choosing variables, fields, lists;
  • function of search of variables useful at debugging and refining of workflows;
  • possibility of renaming of already created workflows.

The application is optimized for work in all main browsers.

ZFlow will be available to SharePoint Online free of charge till 3/31/2019 without functional restrictions. Since 4/1/2019 further work with the product ZFlow will require the 30-day trial license or a commercial subscription.

ZFlow is available also in SharePoint Online now

2018: Optimization of time of opening of gallery and editor of workflows

On December 3, 2018 the Ah-Cis Labs company submitted the next version of the graphics editor of workflows on the SharePoint MS SharePoint platform. According to the company, by preparation of releases developers attached particular importance to optimization of a product thanks to what workflow subsystem performance at heavy loads significantly increased. For December, 2018 clients can create business challenges much quicker.

Users of ZFlow had a possibility of use of the next type of a cycle at workflow design.

Also in the updated solution it is possible to change styles for buttons of end of tasks through E-mail Approval (background color and buttons, a font and its size). At the same time settings of styles will be applied to all processes of the website at once. At purpose of a task the type list of contents of workflow is arranged and focusing on the editor of hyperlinks at his opening is added.

Besides, developers excluded need of activation of an opportunity "Sets of documents" and executed optimization of time of opening of gallery and the editor of workflows.

2017: Announcement

On July 10, 2017 the i-Sys company announced creation of ZFlow technology. The product expands possibilities of setup of business processes in Microsoft SharePoint and helps users to design own business processes.

Main objectives of ZFlow - to accelerate making changes in business and development of processes, to lower time of an output of products for the market, to increase ROI due to failure from participation of developers and vendors during creation of business processes.

The editor is integrated with DocTrix Platform, it allows to control and perform all cycle of automation - from setup of logic of forms and representations to logic of processes.

For July 10, 2017 the product is available for SharePoint Server 2013 and 2016.

We created ZFlow generally for small and medium business to which in the conditions of a current rate of ruble expensive foreign analogs became very heavy. It turned out to make the simple, easy and quite inexpensive solution available both on service, and on classical model of acquisition. We also listened to wishes of our colleagues from implementation and equipped ZFlow with convenient functions. For example, it is possible to copy a part of process or separate cubes in other process opened on the next tab of the browser or to place tabs, having simplified work with big processes for users – it is not necessary to scroll the screen in search of the necessary transaction. Huge work was done regarding optimization of loading and security of the solution.

Evgeny Meshcheryakov, director of the department of researches and development of i-Sys